Stars With Six Seven Wins

The Dallas Stars have clinched a playoff spot and are currently the No. 1 team in the Central Division and Western Conference. They have 103 points and a 47-19-9 record, having won seven straight games and eight of their last ten

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Stars are playing the way they are. This veteran-led team has consistently ranked among the NHL’s elite throughout the past few years. If anything, the expectation was for them to be this good and a legitimate threat to win the Stanley Cup.

With the playoffs approaching, the Stars stand out as a genuine powerhouse with all the trappings of a championship-caliber team.

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A seven-game win streak is always impressive, and the teams the Stars have beaten during this stretch have made it even more impressive. The Stars have notched significant wins against teams like the Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Vancouver Canucks.

Christopher Tanev has been a big part of this recent stretch. Head coach Pete DeBoer had the following to say about him, according to

“You listened to the guys in Calgary when he was playing there, and everyone admired his courage and his durability and his willingness to play through pain and block shots and do whatever it took,” DeBoer said. “I think that’s a perfect example of it. Most guys wouldn’t have come back in that game. Not only did he come back, he came back and played. Most guys wouldn’t be out here at practice, and he’s out here at practice, and he’s the first guy on and last guy off. That’s great leadership.”

Tanev has 16 points on the season but his value can be seen with his +18 plus-minus this season.

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Is Winning the Stanley Cup Something the Stars Can Do?

If the Dallas Stars play the way they have throughout the past few weeks, this is a team that has a legitimate chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Diving into the numbers, the Stars’ offence has arguably been the best in the NHL. 

With a tally of 276 goals this season, they’ve lit the lamp more than any other team in the Western Conference, except for the Colorado Avalanche, who’ve edged them out slightly with 280 goals. 

DeBoer spoke about what they need to do moving forward, saying they need everyone to contribute.

“As we go forward here, we’re going to need everybody, and we’re going to have all kinds of different combinations,” DeBoer said when asked about the pairings in this recent streak, in which Thomas Harley is playing with Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell with Tanev, and Ryan Suter beside Nils Lundkvist. “In general, I think our defensive game has been solid. Grain of salt with our schedule. We’re getting into some elite teams here now, which can expose you if you’re off.”

Speaking of contributions, the Stars have gotten impressive play out of their goalkeepers in recent games. Throughout their seven-game winning streak, the Stars have only allowed three goals one time, allowing fewer in six of the seven straight games.

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If that’s going to be the case for them during the remainder of the season, this is a team that has a legitimate chance of winning the Stanley Cup.

It won’t be easy, but led by experienced veterans and star-level talent, the Stars have enough to get the job done. First, they’ll look to solidify the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, something they can accomplish by continuing to win games. 

It won’t be easy, with matchups against powerhouse teams like the Colorado Avalanche and Winnipeg Jets on the horizon. Nonetheless, the Stars have the talent and skill set to position themselves as serious contenders.

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