Boston Bruins vs. Calgary Flames Prediction

The NHL All-Star break is over, and it is time for teams to start getting serious as they make their playoff push. The Boston Bruins will take on the Calgary Flames in their first game since the All-Star break, a tough but winnable game for them.

Boston enters play with the best record in the Atlantic Division at 31-9-9 and with 71 points. Their 71 points are the most in the Eastern Conference and tied for the most in the entire NHL with the Vancouver Canucks. 

They have been as good as they were a season ago, allowing just 128 goals, which is the second-fewest amount in the Atlantic Division and third-fewest amount in the Eastern Conference. Their +45 goal differential is also the highest in the Eastern Conference.

For Calgary, not much has gone right for them this season. However, if they are going to make a playoff push in the second half, it all starts with what they can do right out of the gate. Their offence has struggled a bit this season, scoring just 149 goals. That is below average in the Western Conference, and will need to improve if they want to win more games. They entered the All-Star break going 5-5 in their last 10.

Given the game’s location in Boston and considering the Bruins’ strong record and defensive solidity, Boston is favoured to secure a victory in this post-All-Star break clash.

Florida Panthers vs. Philadelphia Flyers Betting Tips

The Florida Panthers have a tough task on hand on Tuesday night as they take on a Philadelphia Flyers team that has been playing excellent hockey.

Despite the five straight losses heading into the All-Star break, the Flyers have been one of the better teams in the NHL this season. However, it is tough to ignore their five straight losses, and we do have to question if they can get back on track in the second half.

Philadelphia was a surprise team coming into the season, so that could be a signal that they are going to struggle for parts of the second half. With the Panthers winning four straight games and six out of their last 10, they look to be in a better position here.

The Panthers have scored 158 goals and have allowed just 127 this season. Their 127 goals given up is the second-fewest in the Eastern Conference and the fourth-fewest in the NHL.

Jamie Drysdale’s recent acquisition by the Flyers hasn’t yet yielded the expected impact, with his performance in the first eight games marked by a -6 rating. He must improve for them down the stretch.

Florida entered the All-Star break as one of the hottest teams in the NHL and should be able to continue doing so. The Flyers will play better, but the Panther’s recent track record suggests they are the stronger team heading into this matchup.

Edmonton Oilers vs. Vegas Golden Knights Betting Tip

The game between the Edmonton Oilers and Vegas Golden Knights will be one of the best of the NHL season. The Oilers, riding the momentum of an astonishing 16-game winning streak, have demonstrated their elite status in recent months.

The All-Star break could have slowed them down a bit, but winning 16 straight games shows how good this team can truly be.

What is even more impressive is that despite the 16-game winning streak, Vegas is still 

ahead of them in the Pacific Division standings, with Vegas at 64 points and Edmonton at 59. 

Not only is this a massive game due to the standings, but whoever wins this game will feel confident against one another when it matters most. If the Oilers can continue this winning streak and win their 17th game straight, it is tough to imagine when they are going to lose next.

This is the toughest game on their schedule for the next two weeks and one that they would love to win.

As it always is for the Oilers, it will depend on what they can do on the defensive side of the puck. When their defence improved, they turned into one of the best teams in hockey. They have allowed just 124 goals, which is the second-fewest amount in the Western Conference. 

This is a tough game for them to win, but the 16 straight wins and a week off for the All-Star break should only help them.

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