Week 4 of Big Brother Canada 12 was a week of unexpected twists, cunning manipulations, and shattered alliances. What started as a predictable game controlled by the dominant duo of Victoria and Anthony quickly spiralled into chaos.

Come with us as we do a recap of Big Brother Canada Season 12 week 4, looking at power rankings, expectations, and fan favourites.

What Happened During the Week?

The Downfall of a Friendship 

Vivek’s reign as Head of Household was marked by a shocking betrayal and a ton of drama. Despite Dinis saving him from eviction just a week prior, Vivek nominated him under the influence of Anthony, Victoria, and Kayla – quite a weak and cowardly move if you ask us. 

Their manipulative strategy convinced Vivek that the entire Big Brother Canada 12 house wanted Dinis out and that nominating him would solidify his place in the game, but that very well may not be true. This blindsided Dinis and exposed the cracks in the budding “Hot Chocolate” alliance.

Anthony’s Masterful Maneuvering (Almost) 

This week really put a spotlight on Anthony’s strategic game plan, manipulating houseguests with ease. He masterfully orchestrated the backdoor plan, pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

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However, his influence might not be as absolute as it seems, as it’s quite early in the game to be playing so aggressively, and in previous Big Brother Canada Seasons, that type of play has not always worked out.

The Big Sisters: Power Shift or Crumbling Alliance? 

While initially targeting Matt due to his showmance with Lexus, the Big Sisters alliance (Bayleigh, Victoria, Avery, and Kayla) started questioning Anthony’s dominance already. 

They immediately recognized his growing influence as a major threat; however, fear of retaliation held them back from making a move.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: that fear of retaliation won’t be there forever, and Anthony is playing with borrowed time. This internal struggle really highlighted the fragility of their alliance.

Victoria’s Underestimated Influence   

Anthony’s shenanigans weren’t the only interesting dynamic to emerge. Victoria, despite being perceived as less of a threat by most compared to Anthony due to her shorter time in the game last season, might have even more control over the houseguests, particularly the Big Sisters. 

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Her less intimidating personality may even let her fly under the radar throughout the season while continuing to manipulate like a puppeteer. 

The Eviction and its Aftermath   

Dinis’s eviction was a unanimous 9-0 vote, showcasing just how strong some players are. Although Anthony achieved his goal of eliminating a potential threat, the week unfolded in a way he might not have anticipated.

Dinis’ eviction further strained the Big Sisters’ trust, with Bayleigh advocating for Dinis’ stay throughout the week, which could sour the relationship between her and her housemates.

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However, the power dynamics shifted with Elijah winning the Head of Household competition, leaving the house on edge and wondering what direction the game would take next.

Looking Ahead

Week 4 of Big Brother Canada 12 proved that the game is far from over, to say the least. With alliances shifting, loyalties tested, and new strategies forming, we can all expect a thrilling and unpredictable ride in the weeks to come.