Big Brother Canada Season 12 has started on Global and STACKTV! Get ready for another explosive season. This time, the house is packed with a diverse group of players ready to battle it out for the grand prize of $200,000.

Big Brother Canada Season 12 House Guests

Here’s a glimpse at the houseguests who will be stirring up the drama and competition:

Anthony Douglas: Anthony returns after playing in Big Brother Canada season 7 where he made a solid showing but just couldn’t bring it home. Known for his strength, leadership, and determination to win, he will always be a fierce competitor.

Avery Martin: Sweet and energetic is how you would describe Avery, a videographer with impressive physical strength and a strategic plan to throw certain competitions and play the long con.

Bayleigh Pelham: Bayleigh has no issues speaking her mind, and she isn’t afraid to make waves and use her personality to her advantage, making her deadly in 1-on-1 situations.

Dinis Freitas: A loud and outgoing superfan with a surprising strategy of flying under the radar, Dinis plans to use her manipulation skills to gain an edge and walk away with the $200,000 grand prize.

Donna Marshall: Donna is anything but ordinary – a small-town artist with big plans, relying on her athleticism, social skills, and potential showmances to navigate the game.

Elijah Kazlauskas: Elijah is a fun-loving teacher who is more than meets the eye. This strategic superfan plans to take charge and form strong alliances to hopefully play the social game all season.

Kayla Kennon & Lexus Jackson: A pair of volleyball coaches with both brains and brawn. They plan to dominate competitions while using their playful personalities to disarm their opponents.

Matthew Wong: Matthew looks to be a well-rounded competitor with a combination of physical strength, strategic thinking, and social skills. If he plays his cards right, he could end up $200,000 richer.

Todd Clements:  As a fun-loving and honest general contractor who plans to win competitions and become a leader, Todd is looking like a potential star for Big Brother season 12.

Tola Eam: Tola is a self-described family man with a strategic mind, ready to adapt to any situation and bring home this season. While unassuming on the surface, you should never underestimate a man playing for his family.

Victoria “Spicy Vee” Piekarski: A returning player from season 9, known for her fiery personality and willingness to take risks, Victoria is one of the favourites coming into Big Brother Canada season 12. This time, she’s determined to win with the help of a strong alliance.

Vivek Sabbarwal: Last but certainly not least we have Vivek, a passionate superfan with a plan to secure a loyal ally, but ultimately willing to cut anyone to claim the victory.

Evicted House Guests

Janine Holmes: Janine, a successful business owner and mother was the first house guest to be evicted from the competition. With a vote of 11 to none, the Toronto native had to pack her bags and leave on day 13 of the show.  

Who will win your heart (and vote)? Tune in for new episode of Big Brother Canada S12 to find out!