Week 5 of Big Brother Canada season 12 was a hell of a week, filled with seriously broken alliances, backdoor plans gone wrong, and even introduced the new Executive Veto to keep the houseguests on their toes.

Let’s take a deep dive into exactly what happened during the week, the shifting dynamics within the house, and what the future might hold for the remaining houseguests.

The Crumbling Directors Alliance

The Directors Alliance, once a seemingly strongish force in the house, began to show cracks early in the week.  Elijah, initially aligned with Victoria, Avery, and Kayla, found himself caught in a sticky spot with how little they trusted Anthony and Matt. 

Victoria, who’s recently been suspicious of Matt’s loyalty, stoked the fire a little bit by telling Kayla that Matt was targeting her.

In response to this, Elijah made quite a risky move, doubling down with Victoria and taking the Matt backdoor to the next level.

 However, the plan backfired when Lexus, influenced by Bayleigh, decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Todd and Tola on the block for week 5.

The Rise of Todd

Todd, who’s really been trying his best to fly under the radar, fortunately or unfortunately, saw himself slowly becoming a pawn in Elijah’s backdoor plan, but that didn’t sit well with him. Facing potential eviction, he sprung into action, making a bold play to lock down Victoria’s support. It really wasn’t all too hard either, all he had to do was agree to stick it to the other side and vote with her in the next eviction.

Unfortunately, Avery didn’t budge even the slightest, but Todd’s last-minute plea did manage to sway Victoria, flipping the vote and potentially keeping him in the house.

The Executive Veto and Vivek’s Surprise Exit

That all being said, the biggest shocker of the week came with the introduction of the Executive Veto. Discovered when Tola noticed the broken glass clue, there was a huge house-wide search for this mysterious power. 

The suspense continued as Arisa Cox revealed that the Veto’s unprecedented power would be determined through a unique chain of rejection ceremonies. Nonetheless, Victoria managed to come out of the whole thing victorious, throwing a wrench into the Todd eviction plans.

Victoria’s decision to save Todd over Tola, despite Anthony’s pressure, also further solidified her potential rebellion against him in the future.

With the Executive Veto used Victoria could choose the replacement nominee, which she used on Todd, choosing Vivek to replace him. Unfortunately for Vivek, this left him scrambling for votes against a seemingly predetermined outcome.  Ultimately, Vivek was evicted by a unanimous 8-0 vote.

Victoria’s Rebellion and the Target on Matt’s Back

Victoria, no longer content with simply following Anthony’s lead, might actually be aligning with Kayla to target Matt. 

Thanks to Victoria’s manipulation, Kayla has slowly come to be suspicious of Matt’s intentions and is open to the idea of putting him up for the chopping block. If they play this backdoor, it would not only significantly weaken Anthony’s alliance by splitting them up but also throw a wrench in a ton of future plans. Although small for now, keep an eye on these girls.

Avery’s Head of Household and the Looming Jury Threat

Avery winning Head of Household further complicated an already stressful week’s dynamics, to say the least.

While initially leaning towards a safe nomination of Todd and Elijah, Victoria and Kayla are pushing for Matt and Tola to be on the block, completely throwing things on their heads. 

Avery seems open to this suggestion, but a potential fight may come up mostly due to her allegiance to Matt, who uses him as an easy jury vote.  With the jury house potentially starting after this eviction, both sides are aware of the importance of eliminating threats before they reach the final stage.

Week 5 Predictions and Potential Spoilers

Based on the information available through week 5 of Big Brother Canada season 12, here are some predictions for the coming week:

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