Week 6 of Big Brother Canada season 12 has been a whirlwind of backstabbing, broken promises, and emotional outbursts from tons of houseguests. The girls may have entered the week with a seemingly strong alliance, “Hot Chocolate,” but cracks have already started to show early on, and now the future of many people’s games is up in the air.

The Executive Veto Shakeup

The week started with a bang, thanks to the brand new Executive Veto. After Victoria won the Head of Household competition, she nominated Tola and Todd; however, Anthony’s side of the house convinced her to use the Executive Veto on Todd, saving him and putting up Vivek instead.

This move exposed a rift between Victoria and Anthony, who are both somewhat of control freaks, looking to dictate to pace of the game.

Target Turmoil

With the dust settling from the Executive Veto drama, Avery took over as Head of Household, initially planning to nominate Elijah, a target for several weeks. 

But her alliance, particularly Victoria and Kayla, pushed for a “bigger move” – looking to evict Matt, who they saw as a much larger long-term threat. Avery eventually relented and agreed, nominating both Elijah and Tola.

Power of Veto Shift

The tides turned again when Tola won the Power of Veto where he unsurprisingly used it to save himself, leaving Avery scrambling for a replacement nominee. Nonetheless, with Victoria’s encouragement, Avery nominated Matt, solidifying the Big Sisters’ (minus Lexus) intention to take him out.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Matt, facing eviction, completely refused to go down without a fight – he campaigned for his life in the game super hard, mostly focusing on an emotional appeal to Lexus and Kayla, hoping to save himself and play the game just a little bit longer. 

While Kayla did seem to have second thoughts for a moment or two, Victoria didn’t change up her decision at all, sticking to her guns and evicting Matt. Matt’s tearful goodbye with Anthony and Lexus further highlighted the growing tension between the two sides of the house.

Eviction Fallout

After a close 4-3 vote, Matt was evicted from the Big Brother Canada season 12 house, leaving a trail of tears and anger. Victoria’s betrayal also soured her relationship with Anthony and Lexus, which could really come back to bite her down the line, but that’s not even the worst of it – Matt swore revenge on the Big Sisters.


The eviction of Matt marks a significant turning point in the game. The once-powerful Hot Chocolate alliance is fractured, leaving Victoria and Anthony at odds with each other. Here’s what we expect moving forward:

Potential Mixups in the Coming Weeks


All in all, week 6 of Big Brother Canada 12 threw most of our preconceived notions about the once-dominant alliance in shambles – in layman’s terms, new power dynamics are emerging. Expect the upcoming weeks to be filled with strategic maneuvering, emotional confrontations, and surprise twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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