Week 2 of Big Brother Canada 12 has had a whirlwind of emotions, manipulation, and unexpected twists. Houseguests have been really scrambling to solidify any alliances and avoid becoming the next target. Let’s delve into some of the drama that unfolded last week and give some insights into what next week might hold.

Victoria’s Reign of Chaos

To start, Victoria’s Head of Household reign has been nothing short of chaotic. Determined to eliminate Vivek from day one, she’s cleverly manipulated information about a potential “East Coast alliance” to turn Bayleigh and Vivek against each other.

This strategy has so far created tension and ensured they wouldn’t work together and can’t become a fan favourite in Big Brother Canada Season 12, at least not yet. Victoria’s plan worked flawlessly, showcasing impressive gameplay, albeit fueled by manipulation.

The Power of Veto: A Glimmer of Hope

The Power of Veto competition offered a glimmer of hope for Vivek, but fortunately or unfortunately, Dinis emerged victorious, throwing a wrench into Victoria’s initial plan to evict Vivek. This win not only forced Victoria to re-evaluate her strategy but also shook up the whole house.

Backdooring Drama

Victoria initially planned to backdoor someone else, but a conversation with Donna sparked some serious suspicion about her loyalty to the “Big Sisters” alliance (Victoria and other female houseguests). 

Feeling conflicted between her director’s alliance and the Big Sisters, Victoria really considered influencing Dinis not to use the Veto. However, as we all saw, after consulting Elijah, she ultimately decided to nominate Donna as a replacement nominee.

Tears, Tension, and a Shocking Turn of Events

The week culminated in a dramatic Veto ceremony, where Dinis, true to his close relationship with Vivek, used the Power of Veto, saving him from eviction. 

This left Victoria with a quite difficult decision – who would she replace him with, and how would she not make any new enemies? But again, as we know, she chose Donna through what seemed like crocodile tears.

Unfortunately for Victoria, this has also seemed to sus out the rest of the Big Brother Canada 12 cast.

Looking Ahead to Week 3

The fallout from Victoria’s nomination will undoubtedly shape the dynamics of Week 3, as Donna is now out, Will the “Big Sisters” alliance crumble under the pressure of Donna’s betrayal (or perceived betrayal)? Will Victoria’s manipulative tactics backfire, causing her alliance members to question her loyalty? And how will Vivek navigate the house politics now that he’s been saved?

Key Questions for Week 3

Week 3 of Big Brother Canada promises to be filled with more showmances, alliances, expectations, and strategic gameplay. With the trust between houseguests already shaken, viewers can expect emotional confrontations, surprising alliances, and a fight for survival as the competition heats up.