The dust has finally settled after the final episode of Big Brother Canada season 12, despite what most fans anticipated all throughout the season, it was Bayleigh Pelham who took home the money. 

After nearly 70 days of strategic manoeuvring, social mind games, and chaotic alliances, viewers were treated to a finale packed with high stakes, emotional confrontations, and tons of drama with remaining and evicted houseguests.

Come with us as we delve into everything you need to know about the final episode of Big Brother Canada season 12. Whether you’re interested in the journeys of the final three or just want to know who wins after a season filled with memorable moments, we’ve got you covered.

The Final Showdown: Bayleigh vs Anthony vs Lexus

The final episode of Big Brother Canada Season 12 started with a big reveal of the final three houseguests: Bayleigh, Anthony, and Lexus. 


The strategic mastermind who managed to navigate through alliance after alliance, regardless of how deep a hole she found herself in, she always managed to claw her way back. 


He was a dominant force in the game all season long, specifically controlling the early game with his “Big Brother is Bae” alliance. However, he saw his grip on the game loosen as the season progressed. 


A true wildcard, no matter which way you look at it. She aligned with both sides depending on her mood and the state of the game, always remaining an enigma to the viewers and, potentially, the jury.

The Final Head of Household Battles

The very first part of the final HOH competition tested the houseguests’ physical and mental agility. With an “Inside Out 2” themed challenge, the houseguests had to navigate a course with those “memory balls” from the movie and then sort them into tubes.

Anthony, who has so far been known for games just like this, dominated the round, securing his spot in Part 3.

The second part of the HOH competition took a different approach, testing the houseguests’ overall Big Brother knowledge.

Bayleigh and Lexus faced off in a tight trivia race, answering questions based on events within the house throughout Big Brother Canada season 12. Despite some struggles here and there, Bayleigh came out on top, securing her spot.

A Tiebreaker and a Controversial Decision

Part 3  of the HOH competition was a tense battle of Big Brother trivia between Bayleigh and Anthony – however, the competition ended in a tie, forcing a tiebreaker question. 

Anthony managed to clutch up when it really mattered, though, securing the win with a closer guess to the answer, cementing his position as the final HOH for Big Brother Canada season 12.

With the HOH power in his hands, Anthony was faced with a tough decision: choosing between Lexus and Bayleigh. Lexus and Bayleigh both played significant roles in his game up till this point, so it was no easy task to pick who was going home.

Lexus, his former ally, had grown closer to Bayleigh towards the end, which narrowly tipped the scales in her favour, which is why Anthony chose to evict Lexus.

We don’t know about you guys, but evicting Lexus really threw us for a loop; they were just so close throughout the game, but we guess Anthony thought he had a better chance at beating Bayleigh in a final two situation. 

The Jury Round Table

The jury roundtable, pre-recorded for the finale, showcased the remaining houseguests’ feelings towards Bayleigh and Anthony, which seemed to be slightly in Bayleigh’s favour from the get-go. 

Once the remaining two houseguests were allowed to make their case, Bayleigh started by highlighting her adaptability and strategic play throughout the season, mainly emphasizing how she had to play with Victoria to secure her own safety. 

Anthony then defended his cutthroat gameplay, arguing that his dominance was a great strategy. The jury remained divided amongst the evicted houseguests, though, with some respecting Anthony’s style of play and others appreciating Bayleigh’s calculated moves.

Speeches and a Shocking Verdict

With the final episode of Big Brother Canada season 12 coming to a close, the final two delivered their closing arguments. 

Bayleigh presented a heartfelt speech, emphasizing her loyalty and fight throughout the game, while Anthony, always the analytical player, focused on emphasizing that his hard and fast style of play made him deserve the win. 

However, when the votes were revealed, it wasn’t even close. Bayleigh secured a dominant 6-1 victory, leaving Anthony visibly surprised and the audience erupting in cheers. 

Bayleigh may have been an underdog throughout much of the season but managed to defy expectations when it really mattered.

Canada’s Favourite Houseguest

While Bayleigh may have won the grand prize, another fan favourite also received some much-deserved recognition, Todd.

Known for his goofy personality and strategic gameplay, Todd was crowned Canada’s favourite houseguest by a decent margin, securing the $10,000 prize.

Memorable Moments from a Chaotic Season

Big Brother Canada Season 12 will be remembered for its fair share of chaotic moments and unpredictable houseguests. Whether it was Victoria’s odd gameplay, Vivek’s betrayal of Dinis, or even Victoria and Avery’s eviction of Kayla, the season was never a dull moment. 

Conclusion: A Season of Upsets and Unexpected Heroes

While some viewers might argue that the dominance of Anthony and Victoria overshadowed most of the other houseguests throughout the season, that’s just how the game goes sometimes. All in all, Big Brother Canada season 12 gave us a satisfying end, at least with Bayleigh’s win.

While some people may have hoped for Anthony or Todd to take home the money, Big Brother Canada is never straightforward. Hopefully, next season will be as enjoyable as this one has been!