Week 7 of Big Brother Canada 12 definitely didn’t disappoint, shaking up alliances, creating new drama, and shocking evictions. What started with the aftermath of the “Movie Night Massacre” twist quickly spiralled into a game of whispers, paranoia, and, ultimately, the downfall of a major player. 

Come with us as we take a deep dive into the drama, the blindsides, and what lies ahead for the remaining houseguests.

Recap: A House Divided

Week 7 of Big Brother Canada season 12 started off with the houseguests reeling from the “Movie Night Massacre,” where Elijah’s eviction left a vacant spot in the jury house and an overall sense of unease among the remaining players. The cracks in the once-dominant “Hot Chocolate” alliance, formed by the women in the house, also began to show.

Victoria, the HOH picked by Bayleigh during the twist, felt betrayed by the women of the house, realizing they really didn’t care for her and didn’t bother to protect her from a potential eviction. Anthony almost instantly picked up this vulnerability and exploited it, as he saw an opportunity to weaken the women’s alliance and secure his own position in the game.

The Rise of Anthony’s Influence

Anthony’s main strategy in week 7 has so far revolved around manipulating Victoria and throwing a wrench in the girl’s alliance. He subtly not only planted seeds of doubt about Kayla, another member of “Hot Chocolate ” – he’s actively poisoning them all against each other.

He then used information shared by Kayla and manipulated conversations with Lexus, another ally, to paint Kayla as a threat instead of himself. The guy even convinced Victoria that Kayla planned to backdoor her.

However, Anthony’s influence has extended far beyond just Victoria as we mentioned. He coached Lexus on how to sway the house against Kayla and fed information to Tola, further manipulating the narrative. All in all, he’s done a perfect job weaving this web of lies and half-truths to create a toxic atmosphere of suspicion, making it difficult for players to discern genuine intentions.

The Power of Veto: A Shift in Targets

The Power of Veto competition, as always, really presented a crucial opportunity to shake things up for a ton of houseguests. Bayleigh, a member of “Hot Chocolate,” ended up coming out on top with the POV, but while the initial target was likely to be either Tola or Todd, the nominations took a surprising turn. 

Bayleigh actually chose to save Todd, likely trying to make amends with the remaining men in the house to maintain a sense of security.

With a replacement nominee needed, Avery, the current Head of Household, nominated Kayla, another member of the alliance, really showing just how far they’ve fallen. The women’s alliance was officially fractured, and Kayla found herself in the hot seat.

A House Meeting Gone Wrong

Big Brother Canada season 12 week 7 had a seriously dramatic house meeting that saw emotions run high. Kayla initially tried to defend herself, but Anthony and Lexus’ web of lies proved too far far too strong. With Victoria convinced of Kayla’s disloyalty and Bayleigh swayed by fabricated information, Kayla’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

At the end of everything, the house meeting devolved into a chaotic mess, filled with accusations and hurt feelings, accomplishing almost nothing. But ultimately, Kayla’s inability to repair fractured trust and Anthony’s masterful manipulation sealed her fate.

Kayla’s Eviction: A Shocking End

In a surprisingly unanimous 5-0 vote, Kayla became the second juror. This eviction sent shockwaves through the house with many viewers, including ourselves, expecting a blindside against Lexus. The episode not only cemented Anthony’s position as a strategic mastermind but cast a shadow over his game as questions arose about his trustworthiness.


Predicting the future of Big Brother Canada can be like trying to read a crystal ball, nearly impossible. However, based on the events of Week 7, here are some possibilities:

Conclusion: A Week of Change and Uncertainty

Week 7 of Big Brother Canada has seen the girls lose most of their power while Anthony has run rampant throughout the house. And while it’s unlikely he can keep up this pace, he and the men are finally going to have their way with the house, at least for the foreseeable future.

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