Week 9 of Big Brother Canada season 12 was definitely a turning point in the game so far with strategies panning out, cast favourites gone, and plenty of drama.

Anthony, growing suspicious of Victoria’s loyalty, devised a plan to remove her from the house. However, his plan really relied on a specific scenario that ended up not coming through, inevitably leading to a shocking turn of events.


Anthony’s Backdoor Scheme

Fuelled by a ton of rumours and conversations overheard by the houseguests, Anthony began to doubt Victoria’s commitment to their final two deal. He felt insecure about the deal enough to finally decide to take matters into his own hands to orchestrate a backdoor eviction.

We really do have to give it to the guy, though, his plan was intricate. Anthony nominated Lexus and Todd for eviction, hoping someone else would win the veto competition. 

As long as somebody used their power of Veto, he planned to replace one of the nominees with Victoria, sending her packing without anyone being the wiser. This strategy relied heavily on Anthony not winning the veto himself – however, that was a calculated risk he was willing to take.

Victoria’s Obliviousness

While Anthony was orchestrating his grand plan, Victoria remained blissfully unaware of the target on her back. 

She continued talking badly about Anthony all week to all the other houseguests, completely oblivious to his true intentions. 

Funnily enough, her snide comments and remarks only gave more backing to Anthony’s cause, really hurting her chances in the long run.

The Veto Competition Twist

The week took a dramatic turn when the houseguests received a surprise announcement about the power of veto competition. 

Unlike in some previous weeks, the veto competition wasn’t limited to just the nominees, instead, every single remaining houseguest was able to participate, throwing a wrench into Anthony’s carefully crafted plan.

However, the competition itself was a blur, to say the least, with everybody, Anthony included, giving their all. At the end of the day, even with all of the planning everyone is doing, a single veto could solve all of their problems, creating a safety net of sorts.

In a surprising turn of events, Todd came out on top, winning the power of veto, and almost assuredly securing his spot in the end game.

Anthony’s Choice and the Veto Ceremony

Anthony’s initial plan was shattered when Todd won the power of veto competition, and replacing a nominee with Victoria was no longer a viable option. He could either try to lay low or go as hard as possible on another houseguest.

Ultimately, Anthony decided to stick with his original nominations as he knew that even though he couldn’t backdoor Victoria this week, getting her on the chopping block would expose her game and potentially sway votes during the eviction ceremony.

That is all to say, the power of veto ceremony was electrifying – Anthony revealed his decision to keep the nominations the same, leaving Lexus and Todd visibly nervous. 

Victoria, however, seemed to maintain a sense of confidence, most likely still completely oblivious to the true extent of Anthony’s initial plan.

Explosive Eviction Night

As the week 9 eviction night came, the houseguests nervously prepared to say goodbye to one of their own. 

The atmosphere was tense, to put it lightly, as everyone seemed to hold their emotions on their faces. When host Arisa Cox entered the house, everyone knew things were about to get real, and a blindside wouldn’t be too far out there.

During the live vote, Victoria used her final words to plead for her survival, but as we all already know, the damage was already done. 

Anthony, fueled, most likely by feeling emotional after all the bad-mouthing this week, unleashed the truth bomb. He revealed his initial backdoor plan, leaving the houseguests stunned and potentially running further alliances.

However, when all things were said and done, the eviction votes were unanimous. Both Bayleigh and Todd, swayed by Anthony’s revelations and their own strategic calculations, voted to evict Victoria.

Once the votes were tallied, Victoria’s eviction was explosive. She first got really angry and disappointed, before giving a bitter goodbye message directed at Anthony – as she exited the house, the remaining players were left to grapple with the consequences of a dramatic week that had reshaped the game.

Even with emotions running high, the houseguest had to get ready for a new Head of Household competition. 

This time, with Victoria gone, the stakes were even higher, as winning this competition meant 100% securing a guaranteed spot in the final three for Big Brother Canada season 12.

Bayleigh’s HOH Victory

Bayleigh ended up on top after the Head of Household competition, securing her place in the final three. 

Up to this point, the exact format of the competition remains unclear, with speculation suggesting it might have been a “before and after” style, where houseguests had to identify if certain events happened before or after other events in the game.

Strategic Nominations with a Smokescreen

As the new Head of Household, Bayleigh had the critical task of nominating two players for eviction and potentially ending somebody’s game after a gruelling 9 weeks. 

However, with the veto competition looming large, these nominations held far less weight than usual. The real power move would be winning the veto and securing the final two.

Bayleigh, known for really thinking things through so far into the game, made a super-calculated decision. She nominated Lexus and Todd for eviction. 

On the surface, the move to not put Anthony on the block may seem crazy or stupid, but she really thought this one through. 

This move served a dual purpose. First, it de-escalated things with Anthony by not nominating him, and second, it kept her options open depending on who won the veto.


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