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Manchester City vs EvertonFebruary 10, 2024, 7:30 AM ET
Manchester City odds-455
Chelsea odds+1200
Over\Under3.5 +114/ -136

Manchester City vs Everton. Shape of the teams

Odds never capture the essence of the game, but in this case, they pretty much lay out what’s expected this Saturday at the Etihad. 

Manchester City is entering its prime form of the season just at the right moment. After a tough November and December, The Citizens are back at full strength. By no surprise, they’re chasing the Premier League title, with Liverpool leading by a mere two points. Given it’s only February, that lead feels anything but secure.

The Reds learned it the hard way, with a season where 90+ points were not enough to win the Premier League. In most leagues, that would have been more than enough to secure the championship, but when you’re up against a team as relentlessly driven as Pep Guardiola’s City, the rules change.

This clash might not seem like a big deal. But in Pep’s words, leagues are lost in the last eight games. While we might still be a ways off from those decisive last eight games, time is flying.

Following Klopp’s announcement that he will exit management indefinitely, citing a depletion of energy, his team will want to give him a great send-off by winning the league. However, with a slim two-point advantage, Liverpool knows all too well that every match counts, particularly in a season where the margins are so fine. 

Consequently, this also translates to Manchester City fighting for every point to keep the title. Contrary to popular belief, league titles are often won by avoiding failures against lower-ranked teams instead of wins in blockbuster clashes. Manchester City remains unbeaten since December 6th (1-0 vs Aston Villa), underlining their continuous pursuit of points. 

Everton is fighting another type of fight, one of survival, marred by point deductions due to financial breaches. Positioned precariously at 18th, just a point shy of Luton Town, the Toffees are embroiled in a relegation skirmish. 

Yet, a sense of purpose and tactical discipline has emerged under Sean Dyche’s stewardship. Dyche’s pragmatic approach has yielded results, including commendable draws against Tottenham (2-2) and Fulham (0-0).  

Premier League Leaderboard

Premier League Relegationboard

17. Luton Town — 20 points

18. Everton — 19 points

19. Burnley — 13 points

20. Sheffield Utd —  10 points

Manchester City vs Everton Main Match Info

Manchester City vs Everton, Prediction, Odds

Foden has been making headlines yet again after another great performance. The English star scored a hat-trick, which better describes his abilities than any other adjective in the English dictionary. 

Foden could be the key against Everton. The famous Sean Dyche low-block will require players to navigate through tight spaces at the center of the pitch. With the way Foden drives with the ball, he could disorganize the Roman Legion of Sean Dyche. 

While Jeremy Doku’s contributions are widely praised, there is no doubt that Foden’s qualities are just as important, if not more. 

Pep is eyeing the Premier League title with great interest, perhaps even more so than another Champions League trophy. This means he won’t take a victory against Everton for granted.

However, without being heartless, it is clear to most fans that winning at the Etihad is easier said than done, especially when Everton’s best player in the attack is Jarrad Branthwaite, a defender. Everton would definitely surprise the world if they were to win, without reliable attackers who could take advantage of City’s rest-defence.

Despite this, Everton’s defensive strategy under Dyche poses a familiar challenge for Guardiola’s team. It’s a repeated pattern throughout the years against Pep’s team, and mental tear is the most dangerous – and something the Citizens should be wary of.

Manchester City vs Everton Betting Tip

Suffocating against Manchester City happens to many teams, and the consequences are inevitable. 

Everton might have one of the best-performing defenders in the league, but Branthwaite alone can not hold up the entirety of Manchester City’s attack. Yet, despite the clear disparity in squad depth and quality, it’s not a foregone conclusion that City will effortlessly dominate Everton.

Pep is well aware of the psychological impact tough matches can have. If these types of matches do not go well, it installs doubts in the minds, and that’s definitely a big problem with the European matches just around the corner. 

This is why I would not expect City to go into an all-out offensive onslaught. A more methodical, reasonable approach, where mistakes will be punished one by one. After conceding the first goal, the subsequent ones often follow swiftly as the opponent’s resolve begins to crumble.

While this type of game used to be a big weakness of Pep’s tactical playbook, it now seems more manageable thanks to City’s deep and talented roster. With emerging talents like Oscar Bobb joining the ranks of established stars, City’s squad depth is only increasing. 

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