In just a few years, Jude Bellingham has transformed from a promising talent to a household name in European soccer.

Initially catching the eye of Europe’s elite clubs in 2020 while playing for Birmingham, his subsequent three-year stint at Dortmund has catapulted him into the limelight. Florentino Perez, with a keen eye for talent, secured Bellingham for Real Madrid in the summer of 2023 for a staggering 120 million euros.

While his potential was widely acknowledged, few had expected the 20-year-old to land thirteen goals and two assists in sixteen games. How can we make sense of his meteoric ascent in soccer?

The Multifaceted Midfielder: Bellingham’s Unique Skill Set

Jude Bellingham’s exceptional skill set sets him apart as more than just a midfielder.  

His unique blend of attributes makes him a versatile force on the field – part goalscorer, part defender, all while operating in a midfield role. This versatility has been evident throughout his career, from Birmingham to Dortmund and now at Real Madrid.

Unlike many midfielders in 2023 who are known for their mobility, Bellingham stands out for his ability to both initiate and conclude attacks.

A Spanish journalist captured the essence of Bellingham’s playstyle in a piece for Madrid-media AS: 

“The elegance in his gait and the manner in which he uses the ball, his ferocity and indefatigability in battle, he’s half artist, half warrior. He’s the organizational focal point of the attacking game and yet still able to be the goal-scorer finishing chances.”

The parallels drawn between Jude Bellingham and Steven Gerrard are apt, particularly in their shared propensity for ball-carrying. Bellingham, much like Gerrard, is a silent leader on the pitch, instinctively propelling his team forward, urging them to attack and improve.

With his dynamic drives forward and ability to dismantle defences, he doesn’t just contribute to the attack; he shoulders a greater responsibility.

At just twenty years old, Bellingham’s approach goes beyond mere attacking play. His actions on the field reflect a deeper sense of leadership, a quality that’s rare and commendable, especially for a young player newly integrated into the prestigious ranks of Real Madrid.

His impact is subtle yet profound, a testament to his maturity and soccer intelligence.

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Bellingham’s Omnipresence: A Force on Every Front

Jude Bellingham’s influence ensures that his team is constantly on the move, actively seeking to score rather than just prevent goals.

This has been evident in all the teams he’s played for, barring his time at Birmingham, which was more defensively oriented. Bellingham’s impact isn’t just about his own performance; it inspires the entire team to embrace a more courageous, attacking approach.

The fact that he was already exhibiting leadership qualities at just sixteen years old while at Birmingham is remarkable.

Such maturity and command in lower divisions are rare, particularly at such a young age. Bellingham didn’t just rest on these early laurels; he further honed these traits at Dortmund, becoming a pervasive presence on the field. 

His move to Real Madrid at the age of 20, playing alongside midfield legends Toni Kroos and Luka Modrić, further underscores his exceptional talent. This leads us to another remarkable facet of Bellingham’s game: his exceptional omnipresence on the field.

23/24 Bellingham Heatmap through Sofascore

A Leader at Every Level: Bellingham’s Impact from Birmingham to Dortmund

Jude’s omnipresence on the pitch is nothing short of extraordinary. The secret to his ubiquity lies in his exceptional soccer intelligence. Whether waiting for the ball or actively seeking it out, Bellingham always seems to be involved in the play.

He has a knack for finding himself in the right place at the right time, either carrying the ball forward with deft control or positioning himself perfectly for a shot.

At Dortmund, it wasn’t uncommon to see him dropping back below the halfway line to initiate plays. This in itself is commendable, but Bellingham’s real prowess shines in how he often starts and finishes an attack.

Within a few passes, he transitions from initiating an attack to positioning himself in the higher midfield or the box, ready to take the perfect shot. This is what makes it so hard to play against Jude.

Even when playing deeper, Bellingham contributes defensively. But as he drives the ball forward, he moves in sync with it, seamlessly transitioning from a defender to an extra attacker in the box – this explains his impressive goal tally.

His ability to be in the right place and find the right angle makes scoring seem like child’s play.

As Johan Cruyff famously noted, playing simple soccer is the hardest thing to do, and Bellingham excels at this. In a world filled with talented midfielders like Camavinga, Modrić, Kroos, and Valverde, Bellingham is different because of his multifaceted contribution.

He defends like Camavinga, runs more than Valverde, and finds the angles in the box that Luka would, embodying the versatility and effectiveness of a Swiss Army knife in football. For any coach, choosing to start him is an easy decision, given his unparalleled impact on the game.

Jude Bellingham’s remarkable skills and attributes on the field certainly place him among the elite, but it’s his mentality that truly sets him apart.

Transitioning from Borussia Dortmund, a significant club in its own right, to the colossal stage of Real Madrid, Bellingham demonstrated his exceptional adaptability and confidence.

This was strikingly evident in his debut game for Real Madrid against Athletic Club, where he didn’t just play; he scored his first goal. 

The celebration, a moment captured below, speaks volumes about Jude Bellingham’s character and mindset. This proves his readiness for the big stage, his eagerness to embrace challenges, and his ability to thrive under pressure.

Such a display of poise and excitement not only highlights his talent but also his psychological strength, an essential attribute for succeeding at a club as demanding and prestigious as Real Madrid. 

Jude Bellingham’s performance against Athletic Club was more than just a goal-scoring debut; it was a statement. His celebration wasn’t confined to a mere display of joy; he celebrated right in front of one of Spain’s most fervent fanbases.

In a single 90-minute match, Bellingham managed to captivate the hearts of an entire fanbase.

Sid Lowe, a columnist at The Guardian, perfectly captured the essence of Bellingham’s impact in his post-match commentary:

“As for the fans, they’re smitten, and how could they not be? Not only is he playing superbly, Bellingham gets it, understands his surroundings, the stage he is on. 

There is no fear, a supreme confidence but a difference too: both bloody hell, Real Madrid is huge, and It’s Real Madrid? And? Every word, every gesture, is pitched right. 

At full time on Saturday, he turned to all four sides of the ground, which had all turned to him, applauded, pointed and promised more. It felt natural, not forced, the connection complete. He is, one front page declares, ‘the master of the Bernabeu.’”

Making a Mark at Madrid: Bellingham’s Unmistakable Presence at Real

Jude Bellingham’s impact at Real Madrid continued to grow exponentially following his memorable debut. His knack for scoring became a recurring theme, with goal after goal reinforcing his status as a key player.

His prowess reached a pinnacle in El Clásico, where he netted a crucial goal that cemented Madrid’s victory.

Bellingham’s consistent scoring has significantly lightened the load on Joselu, Real Madrid’s primary striker, who is a decade his senior. But what truly distinguishes Bellingham is his unassuming presence on the field that belies his impact.

He may not be the loudest or most flamboyant player, but his actions speak for themselves – often quietly positioning himself in the right place at the right time. Then, within seconds, he makes his presence unmistakably known with a decisive shot in the box.

It’s this stealthy yet effective style of play that renders Bellingham an immense threat to any defence. 

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