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Inter Milan vs Atlético de MadridFebruary 20, 2024, 3:00 PM ET
Inter Milan odds-127
Atlético de  Madrid odds+380
Over\Under2.5 +117\-139

Inter Milan vs Atlético de Madrid. Shape of the Teams

The Champions League is back, and the showdown between Inter and Atlético promises to be one of the most exciting games of this round. Unfortunately, Simeone’s team is flying to Milan, which probably turns the clash in Inter’s favour. 

Atlético de Madrid has an excellent squad and has shown formidable form, especially when playing on home turf. 

However, when they are on the road, they tend to display less solid performances, making them appear more like a mid-table team rather than the European powerhouse they are known to be. And in the Champions League, this is no different.

On paper, many might favour Atlético de Madrid – and sure, they do have Antoine Griezmann, but that is unlikely to be enough. As José Mourinho once wisely pointed out, the defence wins you titles – and Atlético de Madrid has been sluggish at the back recently. 

Meanwhile, Inter Milan has been enjoying a successful run in the Serie A, which could see them possibly concentrate more resources on their Champions League aspirations. 

Many might underestimate Inter Milan, but they are not the underdog here. Inter faced Manchester City in the previous edition’s final. They reached the finals after eliminating formidable opponents, including their local rival AC Milan, along the way.  Against Manchester City, they made it difficult for the English Champions, losing by only a single goal. 

Inter Milan’s impressive record in the Serie A is easily explained by the fact that nobody has quite figured out how to deal with Inzaghi’s set-up. 

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The last time the Italians suffered a defeat in the league was against Sassuolo in late September. This streak is worth mentioning, as Atlético de Madrid have been struggling away from home. Far from a good look ahead of the clash. 

Inter Milan vs Atlético de Madrid Match Info

Inter Milan vs Atlético de Madrid Prediction, Odds

Inter Milan has a very limited squad, but it is a very functional one, and most profiles match well together. Under Simone Inzaghi’s guidance, Lautaro has been hitting double digits fairly often, and Thuram has proven to be an impactful partner. 

Inter plays well above their perceived potential, and this is what an excellent coach achieves. With a well-coached mid-block that allows them smooth transitions across the pitch, there are reasons to believe that the strategy board will favour the hosts. 

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The standard argument would be to point at Atlético de Madrid’s firepower, spearheaded by Antoine Griezmann. However, the narrow 0-1 defeat against Manchester City shows how organized Inter is – if there is one nut hard to crack in this Champions League edition, it’s (yet again) Inter Milan.

They are capable of unlocking their opponents with precise, line-breaking passes that have puzzled Italian teams since last September.

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Inter Milan also tends to be more stable in transitioning phases. This starkly contrasts with Atlético’s ongoing struggles, with young wing-backs that don’t cut it defensively and a generally unsettled backline. 

These are all factors that play into Inzaghi’s feared style, breaking the block open. With the support of the Meazza crowd, Atlético de Madrid will not be the favourite – but the one trying to limit the deficit to one goal. 

Inter Milan vs Atlético de Madrid Betting Tip

The logical choice would be to bet on Lautaro Martínez, but I believe the smarter choice is to focus on Marcus Thuram. 

Thuram’s exceptional mobility gives him the capability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This gives him an unpredictable edge and makes him one of the most dangerous forwards in the Italian League. 

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This means that the lack of stability at the back from Atlético de Madrid will be a source of gems, which Thuram  could exploit with his runs in behind.

Considering Atlético de Madrid’s defensive weaknesses, Denzel Dumfries, one of the goal scorers in their recent game against Saliterna (4-0), adds another layer of offensive threat from the wings. 

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The Dutchman’s contribution from wide areas provides reasons to believe Inter could see Thuram at least smash one – all of it while Yann Sommer continues to provide security at the back.

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