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Inter Miami vs Real Salt LakeFebruary 21, 2024, 8:00 PM ET
Inter Miami odds-200
Real Salt Lake odds+440
Over\Under2.5 -213/+154 

Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake. Shape of the Teams

The MLS season finally kicks off! Both teams have had a few matches to prepare for the new season physically. Miami fans will be buzzing with the new signing of Luis Suarez.  The Uruguayan arrived at Inter after an impressive stint at Gremio (Brazil), where he’d been tearing the league apart with double figures. 

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The ex-Barcelona star has announced this will be his last season in professional soccer. There’s no better way to end a career than teaming up with your old teammates – Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba, and Sergio Busquets, with the latter being doubtful due to a pre-season injury. However, Lionel Messi is expected to start together with Súarez. And that is probably the most important to the fans.

However, the challenge posed by Real Salt Lake should not be underestimated. They won twice in the pre-season (once more than Inter Miami), which means that they’re far from being an easy opponent. 

Real Salt Lake have Daniel “Chicho” Arango, the team’s major source of goals in the previous season. Whether Arango’s attacking skills can tilt the scales against the star-studded Miami remains the question, especially with Messi and Suárez in the equation.  

More importantly, Salt Lake’s defensive woes loom large as they head into this campaign. Improving their defensive line could be the difference-maker in turning them from underdogs to contenders. 

They surely need to launch the campaign well, but facing Miami in an away game in an atmosphere supercharged by the presence of Lionel Messi could prove to be a major challenge. 

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Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake Main Match Info

Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake, Prediction, Odds

Inter Miami should be the favourites for this season – with Lionel Messi back on the pitch, everything changes. Last season was not exactly a success, and the Floridians surely will want to change that by seizing every opportunity they might get and winning the first game of the season.

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Salt Lake’s major weakness was on the defensive end last season, and if that is still the case, they might land in big trouble tomorrow. The formidable duo of Lionel Messi and long-time friend Luis Suárez will be more than ready to tear them up. 

On the other end, Inter Miami’s own defensive record last season was far from flawless, which will probably make this a ping-pong match with plenty of action at both ends of the pitch. However, it seems likely that Inter Miami will be on the winning end due to their superior individual quality. 

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Inter starts the season with a fairly balanced squad, with the addition of several seasoned veterans, making this an interesting watch, which will likely not end in a goalless draw.

Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake Betting Tip

There’s one name that will be the buzzing around tonight (except Messi, of course) – it is none other than Uruguayan striker Luis Súarez. After calling it a day in Europe, he joined the Brazilian club Gremio, scoring double digits despite his advanced age. 

When it seemed like he would finally hang up his boots, Luis decided otherwise. He announced he would join MLS Club Inter Miami, where he reunited with his former Barcelona teammates Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba. 

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As Suarez embarks on his last chapter – he will retire after this season – all eyes are on that famous Messi-Súarez connection, which indeed is expected to light up the Argentinian in a new form. 

With his unselfish nature, Messi will likely set up his Uruguayan friend more than once, which is why he’s my pick as the man to score. 

His stint at Gremio indicates that he still possesses the killer instinct and finesse that have characterized his career. Despite the years starting to count and not being fully fit, he can still provide plenty of goals.

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