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Cavalry FC vs Vancouver FCMay 3, 2024, 9:00 PM EDT
Cavalry FC odds-150
Vancouver FC odds+330
Over\Under2.5  -118/-117

Cavalry FC vs Vancouver FC. Shape of the Teams.

As the Canadian Premier League progresses, fewer and fewer teams are without defeats. Vancouver had been undefeated until they suffered a 3-0 setback against York United, sliding to fourth place. Only three teams remain undefeated going into the fifth round: Forge, Ottawa and Pacific. In this setting, Cavalry will welcome Vancouver after a goalless draw against Pacific FC.

Cavalry and Vancouver are in contrasting situations. Vancouver was undefeated until last week, while Cavalry is still waiting for a victory, with a loss in their first match and two draws. Only the Wanderers and Valour are worse off, as they have lost all their opening matches in the CPL.

If Vancouver wants to stay in contention for the top three spots in the league, they have to win the home game against Cavalry. Currently sitting on six points, they find themselves trailing behind Forge, who lead with nine points, and two other teams, each holding seven points.

Many teams want to dethrone Forge FC, but they will have to buckle up if they want to catch up with the Hamilton-based champions. Forge has only conceded two goals in three games while netting seven, demonstrating a robust defence and a potent attack that other Canadian teams struggle to match.

Cavalry FC vs Vancouver FC Main Match Info

Cavalry FC vs Vancouver FC Prediction, Odds

Although the betting odds might favour Cavalry as they have historically held the upper hand, the dynamic of their upcoming clash with Vancouver appears to be tilting.

Little indicates that Cavalry has an answer for Vancouver’s offence. Cavalry’s struggle to dismantle a 4-4-2 formation was evident in their recent goalless draw against Pacific FC, where they failed to score despite numerous attempts at goal. 

On the other hand, Vancouver is known for their high-scoring approach. This isn’t the case with Cavalry, which helps explain their lower standings. However, Vancouver’s aggressive style of play sometimes backfires on them.

This matchup seems like a classic “giants against minnows” scenario, a trope often seen in soccer narratives. Given this, Vancouver should proceed cautiously with counter-attacks. Interestingly, Vancouver typically employs a 4-4-2 formation, which has proven effective against Cavalry’s style of play. 

Despite this, it’s unlikely that Cavalry will mimic Pacific’s approach, as their offence is much stronger. 

Set pieces should be the scene where Vancouver hits back. Both Rocco Romeu and David Norman possess above-average striking techniques for defenders, which has enabled the center-backs to frequently score in past editions of the CPL. 

Taking advantage of set pieces, especially corners, should be a key strategy for Vancouver. Coaching for set pieces remains undervalued in the CPL, and focusing on this aspect could be a game-changer that doesn’t require a financial investment.

Cavalry often struggles with its double-pivot against a 4-4-2 formation because players become like isolated islands, often seeing a divide between the pivots and the offensive quartet. This issue underscores a major flaw in their system, which relies heavily on forwards performing well – something that hasn’t been happening. 

Cavalry is likely to encounter more strategies designed to block vertical passing channels. Therefore, a system change might be necessary for them to stand a chance against Vancouver.

Cavalry FC vs Vancouver FC Betting Tip

Cavalry’s offence is in a slump – demoralized and lacking goals. Their defence seems to be doing better, but they are not ready to face organized attacks and often become stagnant under pressure.

Vancouver has consistently demonstrated a more ambitious approach in their gameplay, and this proactive style is poised to be a game-changer. The difference in formations is likely to introduce a tactical imbalance, tipping the scales in favour of Vancouver. 

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