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Cavalry FC vs Pacific FCApril 28, 2024, 5:00 PM EDT
Cavalry FC odds+102
Pacific FC odds+245
Over\Under2.5  -112/-125

Cavalry FC vs Pacific FC. Shape of the Teams.

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) is only two matches deep into the season, but the results have been very revealing. Cavalry FC has had a shaky start, with only a single point after two games. They suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat against Forge FC and a draw against Atletico Ottawa after an own goal by Kristopher Twardek in the dying moments of the match.

The same cannot be said about their opponents, Pacific FC. They secured victories in both of their matches and have maintained a perfect record. And yet, they have to remain vigilant. Their 1-0 win against HFX Wanderers came through a converted penalty, followed by a logical victory against Valour (2-0). 

Cavalry FC, on the other hand, has been growing in the competition while finding their tempo. In the first game, their mid-block sat in the second third of the pitch without taking much risk – even with their striker dropping deep. 

However, a tactical shift against Ottawa was noticeable, and Cavalry was seen taking higher positions. This potentially indicates that Cavalry, with the backing of their home crowd, could be more confident than in the two previous games.

Pacific FC’s strategy has been to strike “at the right moment,” and they are more than happy to relinquish possession. Most of their attacks derive from momentum and multiplying their strikes. This tactic has proven effective against possession-heavy teams susceptible to counter-attacks. But against Cavalry, they might need to rethink their usual game plan.

Cavalry FC vs Pacific FC Main Match Info

Cavalry FC  vs Pacific FC Prediction, Odds

Cavalry FC has dominated in recent history, with Pacific FC winning only once in their last seven encounters in 2023. However, the tide may turn this season. In the CPL, maintaining consistency is crucial, and so far, this has been the case for Pacific. 

Considering Cavalry’s recent performances and last season’s outcomes, they need to strengthen their attack to establish themselves as serious contenders for the CPL title.

Although no team has found a way to deal with Forge, the game against Atletico Ottawa showed that Cavalry has to improve their build-up, which still lacks strategy. Furthermore, a recurrent issue for Cavalry has been their sluggish start in most matches. They often tend to concede possession and momentum in the first half, only finding their rhythm as the game progresses. 

Against Forge, Cavalry only held 38% possession of the ball in the first half. Conceding possession is not a problem, but when the team is far from the most solid off the ball, it becomes easy to concede chances – which they did. 

Their game against Ottawa, however, showed signs of improvement, with Cavalry looking more composed with the ball and creating several opportunities. Nevertheless, the involvement of their strikers in the final third remains a concern. There’s a pressing need for Cavalry to take more initiative and be daring in their play.

The major question for Pacific FC is how they will react to a team that typically doesn’t establish a definitive strategy until the second half. Pacific tends to hit shot after shot at the beginning of the second – around the 50-60’ minute mark. However, the lack of clinical finishes poses doubts on how sustainable this approach is. 

Similarly to Cavalry, they could achieve much more if they either show more interest a more possession-oriented approach or achieve a more solid defensive block. 

Cavalry FC vs Pacific FC Betting Tip

While Pacific FC is the favored side due to their current form, an analysis without the human factor that influences the game is incomplete. Considering the home advantage is always important in league clashes and the historical dominance of Cavalry FC in past encounters cannot be overlooked.

Sergio Camargo is expected to be essential in leading the team forward, especially after the disappointing 1-1 against Ottawa, where their only goal came from an opponent’s mistake. Camargo’s leadership and playmaking abilities will be pivotal in revitalizing Cavalry’s attack and turning their fortunes around in this matchup.

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