Lionel Messi is one of the most legendary footballers of all time. The Argentinean wonder has created an incredible legacy throughout his career that will forever remain in the hearts of fans and people around the world. We would probably lack words to describe how he managed to impact this sport and became an epitome for youngsters worldwide.

Lionel Messi’s individual and club trophies would require a separate article. The former Barcelona forward won four Champions League trophies, 10 Copa del Reys, eight editions of the Ballon d’Or, the Copa America, and the ultimate World Cup title in 2022. He has broken a record for the most goals in the season (91) and is now second in the all-time goalscorers list after Cristiano Ronaldo.

What makes Messi so exciting to watch is his playing style. The Argentinean can pass through several opponents with ease, deliver exceptional assists and create unique masterpieces. While playing for Barcelona, he was frequently the leader in both assists and goals. 

How many goals has Messi scored? So far, Messi has scored 800 goals in his career. He has not retired and continues to play in the MLS. In this article, we will review his career and his most notable moments at major tournaments. 


Messi’s Career: Goals, Goals and More Goals

Born in 1987 in Argentina, Lionel Messi initially had serious problems with his health. When Messi was only ten years old, doctors detected a growth hormone deficiency, which could have ended his career instantly. However, thanks to the assistance from Barcelona – the club where he spent his youth and later the majority of his career – helped him to get the necessary medication to overcome this problem and continue playing.

Messi’s first goal for Barcelona in official matches turned out to be a beauty. In 2005, the Argentinean skillfully threw the ball over the goalkeeper, who had come out of the goal after a spectacular pass from Ronaldinho in the 88th minute, making the score 2-0. 

On the day of that match, Messi was only 17 years, 10 months, and 7 days old. He became the youngest goalscorer in the history of Barcelona’s games in La Liga. And the rest is history. He’s continued to deliver sensational performances and goals in numerous matches ever since.

It is difficult to pick one particular goal from his collection, as each one seems better than the last. However, these three goals truly stand out:

  1. The goal against Getafe in 2007 during a La Liga match.
  2. The goal against Athletic Bilbao in the 2015 Copa del Rey final.
  3. The goal against Real Madrid in the 2011 Champions League semi-finals.

A notable turning point in his career was the rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo. Experts say that without each other, none of them would have achieved the things they have accomplished so far, which is partially correct. 

Who has more goals, Messi or Ronaldo? It’s a close race, but currently, Ronaldo has the upper hand as the top goalscorer of all time, with Messi closely following in second place. As both continue their careers, it’s possible that this will change in the years to come. 

Messi’s International Goals

Leo was Argentina’s major hope when he appeared in the spotlights of international soccer. Argentina won their last World Cup title in 1986, and Messi was seen as the catalyst for new victories and international success. He eventually managed to lead Argentina to the World Cup in 2022, but things were far from easy. 

Messi made his first appearance in the national team in 2005 against Hungary at the age of 18 which Argentina won with a narrow 2-1 victory. He scored his first goal against Croatia in a friendly match on March 1, 2006, with a mid-range strike. Before the goal, the Croatian defence, including Luka Modric, faltered, losing possession in their own half, which led directly to Messi’s strike.

How many international goals does Messi have? 

Messi has 106 international goals in 180 matches. However, this number is likely to increase as he has not yet retired from the national team. He will certainly play in the upcoming Copa America, and who knows, perhaps we will see him in the 2024 World Cup as well. 

How many World Cup goals has Messi made?

Messi raised his tally to 13 in 26 encounters. He was frequently criticized for not delivering in the most important moments for Argentina, but this changed in Qatar.

Among crucial goals of Messi, we can point out the following:

  1. The goal against Mexico in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup.
  2. The goal against Iran in the group stage of the 2014 World Cup.
  3. The goal against Nigeria in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.
  4. The goal against France in the final of the 2022 World Cup during extra time.

Messi’s Goals in the MLS

Leo joined Inter Miami in 2023 following his unsuccessful stint with PSG. It was obvious that the Argentinean would not continue his career in Europe, and instead, he chose the USA. David Beckham, one of Inter Miami’s owners, was delighted to have him in the squad and from the first day he moved to Inter Miami he started scoring incredible goals. 

How many goals does Messi have for Inter Miami? 

Messi managed to grab 18 in 22 matches at all competitions. It is only a matter of time before he will become the club’s all-time top goalscorer. Inter Miami are a new club so not a lot of footballers are leading the stage.

How many goals does Messi have in the MLS? 

At the moment, Messi’s MLS goals total six in 11 appearances. Don’t forget that Leo had a slight injury in 2024, which saw him missing several matches. However, quickly after his return he already managed to score a screamer.

Also, if you are interested in the MLS and North American football in general, you can always check our soccer predictions. The competition started only recently, and there is a lot to come. Inter Miami, thanks to Messi, Suarez, Alba and Busquets, is always considered a favourite. 

Messi’s Goals in the World Cup 2022

When Lionel Messi approached the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he was under pressure to help his team clinch the title. Many deemed the tournament his last chance to claim the coveted trophy. Before that, Messi had already won everything on a club level, and this was perhaps the best moment to be successful with Argentina. The poor performance in 2010, followed by the loss against Germany in the 2014 final and the elimination against France in 2018, preceded the victory in 2022.

In Qatar, La Pulga took the initiative and led his team to victory. Messi’s goals at the 2022 World Cup amounted to seven, while he also delivered three assists. A turning point was the goal against Mexico in the second match of the group stage. The game remained a goalless draw until Messi’s magic eventually prevailed, scoring outside the penalty area to give his team the lead.

Apart from that, the final against France was a showdown between him and Kylian Mbappé, who were teammates back then. Mbappé scored a hattrick against Argentina, while Messi delivered a brace. Eventually, Mbappé finished ahead in the list of top goalscorers with eight goals to his tally. 

How many goals does Messi have in the World Cup? 

As of now, he has netted 13 goals in 26 games. It is still unclear whether he will play in 2024, but if he does, he will become a player who has played at least six different editions of the World Cup. 


Messi’s Total Goals

During his career, Messi won six Golden Shoes and broke several records. For instance, he is still the record-holder with 50 goals in a single season in La Liga during the 2011-2012 season. 

During his soccer career, he won 43 collective trophies, which is a huge number – even for a player of Leo’s calibre. In addition, the eight Ballon d’Ors to his account will probably remain unbroken for a while. 

How many goals does Messi have in his career? 

Currently, Messi’s total goals reach a staggering number of 826, and this number will undoubtedly go up. In the MLS, Messi doesn’t feel the pressure he experienced at Barcelona in the latter years or at the Argentinean national team when he was just starting. He could even hit 900 if he avoids any injuries.


As time passes it is sad to believe that soon we won’t have a legend such as Lionel Messi. He blessed us with unforgettable moments, delivered exceptional performances and decided the fate of uncountable matches by himself. If you were to make a compilation of Messi’s goals, probably 50 of them would prove that he might be an alien.