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Wigan Athletic vs Manchester UnitedJanuary 9, 2024, 3:15 PM ET
Wigan Athletic odds+1100
Manchester United odds+540
Over\Under2.6 -164 \ +139

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United. Shape of the Teams

The upcoming FA Cup clash between Wigan Athletic and Manchester United marks a significant moment, as it’s the first meeting between the two sides since their encounter in 2017. That match, also an FA Cup fixture, saw Manchester United secure a dominant 4-0 victory. 

Since then, the trajectories of the two clubs have diverged considerably.

Wigan Athletic, currently competing in League One, faces an uphill battle in this match.  Their journey to this stage of the FA Cup, marked by victories against Exeter and York, demonstrates their capability to compete, but the challenge posed by Manchester United is of a different magnitude. 

Wigan’s historical record against United further highlights the enormity of the task at hand, with only one win in their last 19 head-to-head encounters.

Manchester United, despite experiencing their struggles in the Premier League, remains a formidable opponent, especially when contrasted with a team from the lower tiers of English soccer.

The Red Devils’ quality and depth, even with potential rotations in their squad, will likely prove to be overwhelming for Wigan.

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United Main Match Info

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United Prediction, Odds

Manchester United may have shown inconsistencies in the Premier League, but they will not find it difficult to win against Wigan. Historically, the Red Devils have a near-perfect record against Wigan, often finding the back of the net with ease in their past encounters. 

Wigan’s current form in League One also points to a potential mismatch in this fixture. Positioned 17th with just 27 points in 25 games, they are alarmingly close to the relegation zone.

This disparity in league standings and form suggests that United is likely to dominate the match, possibly leading to a high-scoring affair.

Additionally, Manchester United will be looking to rebound from their recent defeat against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. Their remarkable comeback against Aston Villa, spearheaded by the talents of Alejandro Garnacho and Rasmus Højlund after being down 0-2, showcased their resilience and attacking prowess.

A convincing victory against Wigan in the FA Cup would not only boost their morale but also provide momentum as they continue to navigate through a challenging season.

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United Betting Tip

Wigan Athletic is expected to adopt a defensive strategy, focusing on restricting Manchester United’s opportunities to score. Anticipating a challenging game, Wigan is likely to employ a robust approach, potentially leading to a higher frequency of fouls as they aim to disrupt United’s rhythm of play.

Given their underdog status, Wigan may also resort to tactics like time-wasting to maintain any advantageous situations they find themselves in. Such strategies, while effective for managing the pace of the game, could lead to bookings.

Statistically, Manchester averages around 2.5 yellow cards per match in the Premier League, whereas Wigan’s average is slightly higher at 3.0. 

Both teams have a history of committing a significant number of fouls in their respective leagues. Considering these factors, it’s plausible to expect a match heavy on bookings, with the possibility of exceeding 4.5 yellow cards being issued during the game.

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