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Manchester United vs West Ham UnitedFebruary 4, 2024, 11:00 AM ET
Manchester United odds-143
West Ham United odds+370
Over\Under2.5 118 / +100

Manchester United vs West Ham. Shape of the Teams

Despite the betting odds potentially leaning in favour of Manchester United due to its historical prestige and home advantage at Old Trafford, this season’s performances paint a more nuanced picture.

West Ham is always a difficult opponent, and although a fixture at Old Trafford in any case favours the Red Devils, West Ham have already demonstrated their capability by clinching a 2-0 victory against Manchester United in a pre-Christmas fixture. 

The Hammers currently sit in sixth place, just a point ahead of Manchester United.  They have lost very few games in the Premier League since November, and this probably says a lot about West Ham. This is the type of team that is never favoured by the betting odds but somehow always manages to secure points with their solid block.

As for Manchester United, though their potent offensive lineup speaks for itself, the world knows that the endless defensive mistakes will keep penalizing the team. The team’s struggle to maintain clean sheets, coupled with an attack that hasn’t reached its full potential, has been evident.

The recent match against Wolves, which ended in a narrow 4-3 victory, highlighted these defensive issues. 

Currently placed seventh in the league, the urgency for Manchester United to secure a win against West Ham is palpable, given the tight competition for the European spots.

Premier League Standings

5. Aston Villa – (43 points)

6. West Ham – (36 points)

7. Manchester United – (35 points)

8. Newcastle United – (32 points)

9. Brighton Hove & Albion – (32 points)

Manchester United vs West Ham United Main Match Info

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The odds make a draw the most unlikely outcome, so one might ask why this pick. 

There are a few reasons with the most prominent being that Manchester United, despite playing at home, faces a formidable challenge in containing Mohammed Kudus. The ex-Ajax prodigy is having the time of his life with Lucas Paquetà at West Ham, and hammering bigger clubs is his hobby. 

However, it’s evident that Manchester United’s performance at Old Trafford differs from their performance in away games. Manchester United’s midfield dynamo, Mainoo, has emerged as a vital player in recent matches.

Initially deployed as a pivot, Mainoo’s relocation to a more advanced midfield role has showcased his true potential, making him a critical component of Manchester United’s tactical setup. 

David Moyes, known for his cautious approach, may opt for a strategy that emphasizes defence and counterattacks, aiming to exploit Manchester United’s defensive vulnerabilities.

While this approach has its merits, it also risks allowing Manchester United, which has scored quite a few goals in the past games, to dominate possession and build pressure, a scenario Moyes will be keen to avoid.

However, we need to keep in mind that Manchester United’s defending is rather abysmal, which can pose challenges against a West Ham side adept at capitalizing on defensive lapses.

Manchester United vs West Ham United Betting Tip

West Ham’s tendency to adopt a more defensive stance against top-tier teams like Manchester United could indeed prove to be a double-edged sword. 

This cautious approach might leave them vulnerable to Manchester United’s dynamic attackers, particularly Alejandro Garnacho, who has been making waves with his performances. Supported by Mainoo’s creativity in midfield and the offensive prowess of Højlund and Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United’s attack appears formidable on paper.

The potential for this quartet to break through West Ham’s defences, especially at Old Trafford, should not be underestimated. West Ham’s recent form, marked by two consecutive draws and the inability to keep clean sheets, further highlights potential vulnerabilities that Manchester United could exploit.

David Moyes’ historical preference for a conservative game plan in high-stakes matches could be particularly disadvantageous in this context. 

A lack of confidence when facing a side of Manchester United’s calibre, coupled with the pressure of performing at Old Trafford, could make it difficult for West Ham to assert themselves in the match.

This scenario sets the stage for Manchester United’s attackers to seize the initiative early on, potentially leading to West Ham conceding the first goal.

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