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Aston Villa vs Manchester UnitedFebruary 11, 2024, 11:30 AM ET
Aston Villa+121
Manchester United odds+210
Over\Under3 -114 / -110

Aston Villa vs Manchester United. Shape of the Teams

This is by far one of the most difficult matches to predict, given the wildly fluctuating forms of both teams. Manchester United, with their status and recent scoring spree, might seem like the safe bet here. 

Manchester has netted eleven goals in their last three games. Against a team like Emery’s, which tends to buckle under sustained pressure paired with a conservative game plan, this sounds like the perfect clash for Erik ten Hag. 

But Manchester United, together with Chelsea, represents one of the most unstable teams in the league. They are capable of performing at their best and worst in just a few weeks. 

We should not forget Manchester United’s December, when they lost against Nottingham Forest (1-2) and West Ham (0-2). However, United secured a 3-2 victory at Old Trafford against Aston Villa, while their game against Liverpool ended in a goalless draw. 

Aston Villa, on the other hand, impressed in November and December, notably beating Manchester City (1-0) at home and maintaining a strong home record until the new year hit a reset button on their form.

Aston Villa drew against Chelsea (0-0) in the FA Cup before unexpectedly suffering a complete thrashing (1-3) in the return, leading Chelsea to qualify instead. 

Furthermore, against bigger teams, Unai Emery’s lack of flexibility and usually passive approach often lead the team to disadvantageous situations, which is the precise worry for all fans who would like to see an XXL performance from Aston Villa.

However, scoring five goals against Sheffield has been Villa’s major highlight of the past weeks, which is rarely a great sign. 

The importance of this game can’t be overstated for either side. For Manchester United, a win could mark a return to the upper echelons of the Premier League standings, a position they’ve been missing for too long. 

Despite their notable win over Sheffield, Aston Villa needs to prove they can stand up to the giants again.

Premier League Table

4. Aston Villa — 46 points

5. Tottenham — 44 points

6. Manchester United — 38 points

7. West Ham — 36 points

Aston Villa vs Manchester United Main Match Info

Aston Villa vs Manchester United, Prediction, Odds

Pinning down a winner in this clash is tricky. Yet a hunch nudges me towards Manchester United, despite the betting odds, that might contradict that claim. 

Emery’s Aston Villa, riding high in early December, seems to have hit a slump come February. This dip in form, coupled with Manchester United’s dynamic duo of Garnacho and Mainoo, hints that United might just have the best chance to take home the three points.

Yes, Aston Villa is indeed playing at home, but their confidence is at a season low. Their previous clash at Old Trafford showcased United thriving amidst chaos, which is the antidote to Emeryism. 

The Basque manager usually has his teams grind out a one-goal victory, but this approach doesn’t always hold up against teams with United’s firepower.

Although Chelsea’s recent form has been anything but consistent, they easily dismantled Aston Villa (3-1) in the FA Cup. All of this could and should point towards the conclusion that seeing a victorious Emery in Birmingham this Sunday is highly unlikely. 

But as with all things soccer, anything can happen. I would not be surprised to see United’s defence slip up, allowing Aston Villa to snatch a late equalizer in the game’s dying minutes.

Aston Villa vs Manchester United Betting Tip

As previously mentioned, if I had to put my money on anything amid all uncertainty, it is that Aston Villa won’t be the first to find the back of the net; that honour will most likely go to Manchester United. 

This does not mean that the Red Devils are a model of balance and perfection. Especially after splashing 100M on Anthony, a move that’s left many scratching their heads.

Looking deeper into the tactical chess game, Emery is expected to lean into his trademark defensive stance, hoping to catch United off guard with swift counter-attacks. Aston Villa will be eyeing Casemiro as a potential weak link due to his occasional discomfort under pressure.

However, this strategy opens the door for United’s individual talents to shine. With players such as Bruno Fernandes, Mainoo, and Garnacho, United’s got the attacking talent to break through even the most stubborn defences.

Emery’s cautious approach might just be what United needs to showcase their attacking skills.

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