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Ivory Coast vs Nigeria February 11, 2024, 3:00 PM ET
Ivory Coast odds+200
Nigeria odds+160
Over\Under3.5 +459/ -715

Ivory Coast vs Nigeria. Shape of the teams

The time has finally come – the final of the African Cup is just about to land in front of the World’s eyes. What a time to be alive – this is a much-expected clash that marks the climax of a tournament that has not disappointed. This is the epitome of African Football – expect the unexpected. 

Despite hosting the event, Ivory Coast was nowhere near the most well-performing team in the tournament. The Elephants sacked head coach Jean-Louis Gasset after a devastating 4-0 defeat against the tiny nation of Equatorial Guinea. 

The Elephants’ campaign seemed on the brink of collapse, but a second chance by finishing in third place in their group was just enough to scrape through. That’s probably a testament to what knock-out football is about, where single moments separate the winners from the losers.

There is a lot of history to this clash, making this match even more exciting. The Ivory Coast won the AFCON title twice, in 2015 and 1992. On the other hand, Nigeria boasts three victories, secured in 2013, 1994 and 1980.

Ivory Coast vs Nigeria, Prediction, Odds

Nigeria landed with the thought of a promising attacking lineup, in which key player Victor Osimhen was expected to lead his country to glory.

However, he has only scored one goal so far, while his colleague Lookman has stepped up as Nigeria’s leader on the pitch, delivering top-notch performances when it was needed the most. It’s very likely that Lookman will score in the tournament final as well

And it’s anyone’s guess who will deliver those moments. While Lookman is undoubtedly expected to perform as Nigeria’s hero, Sebastian Haller has also been present on the scoresheet for the Elephants. His presence is surely a source of worry for the Nigerian defence. 

Ivory Coast vs Nigeria Betting Tip

It is definitely tough to point out this year’s winner of the AFCON. Both teams have shown they’re equally matched, although the home advantage is for the Elephants. But they also faced the most difficulties, including suspensions that disrupted their starting lineup following the intense game against Mali. 

But during their 1-0 victory against Congo, Ivory Coast displayed its strength and resilience. The tournament has been full of teams winning due to their confidence – steamrolling their opponents.

This was also the case with the surprise revelation of the tournament – the island of Cape Verde. 

The Portuguese-speaking country made it all the way to the quarter-finals before South Africa eventually ended their deep run. Considering this is the smallest participating country in the tournament this year, and going out on penalties in the quarter-finals while taking part only for the second time, is definitely impressive. 

This is what made the survival of the AFCON participants in the tournament completely different from last year’s. This surprise element leads us to believe that the final might not hinge on one team’s domination but rather on moments of individual brilliance.

Contrary to pre-tournament predictions, Nigeria demonstrated a surprising ability to control the game from the midfield instead of only relying on their attack. And that has been a crucial element of their arrival in the final. It only becomes more important against the Elephants, who will rely on Kessié and Seri to provide balance at the heart of the midfield in a tournament that has been anything but predictable.

However winning the tournament after almost a decade-long trophy drought would be a massive achievement for the Ivory Coast. The form of Haller leads me to believe that Ivory Coast will indeed win – as we had predicted in the tournament preview. 

The Elephants would be the first host team to win the tournament in fifteen years since Egypt clinched the title in 2006, making this a historic victory.  

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