The stunning Celtics meet the red-hot 76ers on Wednesday, and it should be a great rematch after their last meeting. The trio of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kristaps Porzingis simply match up well against Joel Embiied and Tyrese Maxey.

These squads have both shown some great potential so far this season and are lining up as front-runners for the Eastern Conference finals.

In their last meeting, the Celtics showed quite poorly, losing 106-103, with major players like Jayson Tatum and Kirstaps Porizingis really having off games. Since then, they have been able to really pick up the pace, winning their last three against some admittedly below-average competition.

However, don’t forget that the 76ers have also been playing against mostly below-500 teams outside of the Phoenix Suns and the aforementioned Celtics.

With all of this information, we still have to give the Celtics a slight edge. If they manage to play their game, it’s hard for anyone in the league to keep up.

76ers vs Celtics Odds, Spread Prediction

Both squads come into the match on winning streaks, with the only difference being that the Celtics’ have won three consecutive games while the 76ers have won eight in a row. Although their last match-up ended with the 76ers on top, it may just go the other way on Wednesday.

Simply put, the Celtics shot super poorly from beyond the arch in that match, and Jayson Tatum was only able to score 16 points with 42.9% efficiency.

Due to this, we have to give a slight edge to the Boston Celtics. They should perform better than on the 8th, and their perimeter defence still tops the league. Jrue Holiday is also sure to stay right on Maxey’s hip the entire game, at least creating some pressure on the young guy.

Nonetheless, this is sure to be a close game, seeing as the Celtics have no answer for Joel Embiid’s inside game. The towering 127kg big man is sure to dominate inside. And although Porzingis may provide some resistance, scoring 26 in their last meeting, the 7’2 Latvian big has been pushed around by Embiid historically.

Considering all of this information, the Celtics seem like the more favourable choice in this matchup. Their last meeting was likely just a bad showing that they would like to make up for. If they play their game, they should be able to eke out the win here, likely winning by a slight margin.

76ers vs  Celtics Player Pick and Betting Tips

Outside of their last meeting with the 76ers, Jayson Tatum has been playing spectacularly over the last five games, averaging 26.6 PPG. This is by no means an NBA leading figure, but it means a lot more when considering he is coming off a 35-point clinic he put on vs. New York.

As long as Tatum is able to keep his field goal percentage above 50% and shoot better than 2-6 from the three-point line, he should be a real threat throughout this match. Even if his shooting percentage declines, Tatum is likely to continue forcing shots, so it’s not difficult to see him scoring more than 26 points.

Tatum has been a superstar for years but is stepping it up this season, and he will likely use games like tonight as a chance to shine against future playoff opponents.

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