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Tottenham Hotspur vs BurnleyJanuary 5, 2024, 3:00 PM ET
Tottenham odds-228
Burnley odds+540
Over\Under2.5  -239 /+195

Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley. Shape of the Teams

In an ideal scenario, Tottenham would be showcasing their full strength this week. However, a spate of injuries has disrupted these plans, with key players like Son Heung-min, Cristian Romero, Ivan Perišić, Yves Bissouma, and Pape Matar Sarr sidelined.

Each of them would typically be a surefire starter, making their absence significant.

James Maddison, another crucial cog in the Spurs’ system, remains a doubtful inclusion, especially considering the risk involved in rushing him back post-injury for a high-stakes FA Cup tie against Burnley.

Tottenham’s premature exit from the FA Cup, while disappointing, might inadvertently benefit the team in the long run, allowing them to channel their focus more intently on the Premier League campaign.

The upcoming international commitments, particularly in the Asian Cup and the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), are set to further test Ange Postecoglou’s squad depth and resilience.

Key players like Son Heung-min (South Korea) and Pape Matar Sarr (Senegal) have already been summoned for national duty, with Yves Bissouma (Mali) also expected to join his national team for the AFCON. 

This situation necessitates a strategic shift by Ange Postecoglou, focusing primarily on the Premier League. Depending on the progress of their respective teams, these players might be unavailable for Tottenham’s fixtures until the end of February, presenting a challenging period for the team to navigate.

On the flip side, clinching the FA Cup would be a significant achievement for Tottenham,  a club often critiqued for its trophy drought. This places Ange Postecoglou in a dilemma, weighing the importance of a potential FA Cup victory against other pressing priorities.

Amidst Tottenham’s recent performance dip, which saw them drop from the top spot to fifth in the league, there’s a palpable need for a confidence boost post-Christmas. The team rounded off 2023 with a mixed bag of results —  a convincing 3-1 victory over Andoni Iraola’s Bournemouth was tempered by a 2-4 defeat to De Zerbi’s Brighton.

However, Tottenham must guard against overconfidence, especially with upcoming fixtures against formidable opponents like Manchester United, Brighton and Chelsea. These matches, likely without the services of Son — Tottenham’s key attacking asset — pose a significant challenge.

As for Burnley, their trajectory since promotion has been on a downward slope, a common plight for teams transitioning from the attacking flair of the Championship to facing the ‘big boys’ of the Premier League. 

They find themselves precariously positioned just above the relegation zone, with a mere eleven points accumulated over three months. It’s a disheartening scenario for a team struggling to replicate its offensive dynamism against the more robust defences of the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley, Prediction, Odds

Tottenham’s approach to the FA Cup remains somewhat shrouded in uncertainty. Although they have the capability to make a deep run in the tournament, their intentions are not yet clear.

Facing Burnley, a team currently struggling in the league, might seem like a straightforward task for Tottenham. However, Burnley’s potential to disrupt Tottenham’s defence shouldn’t be underestimated, especially with key defender Micky Van de Ven’s participation in doubt.

Tottenham is likely to field the familiar, albeit occasionally erratic, defensive duo of Ben Davies and Emerson at center-back. This decision stems from a lack of available defensive options, with Ange Postecoglou facing a shortage of reliable defenders. 

The potential signing of Romanian defender Radu Matei Drăgușin from Italy could eventually bolster Tottenham’s backline, but he’s not expected to be integrated into the squad in time for this match.

On a more positive note, Tottenham holds a distinct athletic edge, particularly with players like Richarlison and Kulusevski, who bring dynamism and attacking prowess to the team.

Securing a win against Burnley could provide a much-needed confidence boost ahead of their upcoming, more challenging fixtures.

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Burnley Betting Tip

When a team is low on confidence, as is the case with Burnley, the likelihood of them taking the lead in a match, especially against a superior team like Tottenham, diminishes considerably.

Given their current league standing, Burnley’s primary focus is more on staving off relegation than making a significant impact in the FA Cup.

Tottenham, despite missing key players in their midfield, still possesses the individual talent to control the game, and it would be quite surprising if Burnley manages to upset Tottenham. 

Tottenham’s strategy should involve creating a defensive stronghold in the central areas of the pitch. The focus should be on leveraging Giovani Lo Celso’s playmaking abilities to supply opportunities to Richarlison.

It’s crucial for Tottenham to prevent Burnley from exploiting zone 14 – the area around the edge of the penalty box – where the somewhat fragile partnership of Davies-Emerson could be prone to individual errors.

Tottenham would benefit from focusing their attacks on overloading the half-spaces, utilizing the flanks to their advantage. In this setup, Lo Celso’s ability to orchestrate play and make decisive contributions will be instrumental in determining the outcome of the match.  

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