Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks. Prediction, Odds

The Milwaukee Bucks continue to struggle with some minor injuries and hiccups, which could potentially allow Pheonix to take home a dub after losing to the Bucks in their last four meetings. Despite Giannis Antetokounmpo’s fantastic outing in Dallas the other night, he and the other Bucks stars remain questionable for Tuesday’s game.

The Suns, on the other hand, come into the NBA game with a near injury-free roster, with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker firing on all cylinders.

The duo continues to stun on the offensive side of the ball night in and out, but as is evident from one glance at the roster, their defence could use some work.

Just take a look at their poor overall defensive rating, sitting at 18th in the league at 116 points per game. What makes this stat even worse is that the Suns only average 117.3 points per game – in layman’s terms, Phoenix’s average point differential is trash.

In comparison, the Bucks allow 117.2 points per game but also manage to score an average of 123.7.

The main issue continues to be the Sun’s gaping hole in the key, and a player like Giannis will hit all of their soft sports.

The real deciding factor coming into Tuesday’s game is who laces up for the Bucks, but even with only the Greek Freak playing, Milwaukee is solid.

That is all to say, we still have to give a slight edge to the Milwaukee Bucks, as Giannis is still “probable” for the match. His presence alone will be a nightmare for the Suns to deal with, and if Damian Lillard joins in, it should be wraps.

Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks. Prediction and Betting Tip

The NBA-leading Boston Celtics face off against the Trae Young-led Atlanta Hawks in what should be a rough NBA game for the Hawks. Even with the Hawks’s recent string of great games, the juggernaut from the East is just too much for any team to handle unless they’re a real contender.

The three-headed beast of Jayson Tatum, Kristaps Porziņģis, and Jaylen Brown have continued to dominate the league. And even on the off chance that one of Boston’s stars is injured, as Jaylen Brown is “questionable” for the match, they still have a litany of fantastic players like Jrue Holiday.

Speaking of Holiday, as one of the NBA’s premier perimeter defenders, he’s going to give Trae Young a really tough time. With his hounding defence and ability to stay on the hip of even the shiftiest defenders, Young may have a hard time getting his normal shots off.

However, the Atlanta Hawks are by no means dead in the water – there’s a reason they’ve been able to win four of their last five games.

Young and Dejounte Murray have proven to be a potent combo, and Clint Capela further solidifies their inside presence on both sides of the ball.

There’s a good chance Atlanta will manage to make this match go this distance, but down the stretch, Boston’s talent could potentially shine through. It wouldn’t surprise us if Atlanta even comes into the hall with a lead before Boston really turns on the heat.

While Jaylen Brown’s injury definitely puts a hamper on Boston’s overall game plan, they’re not a team to be trifled with in any way. And for that reason, we have to give an advantage to the Boston Celtics.

Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks. Prediction and Betting Tip

The Brooklyn Nets host the Dallas Mavericks in New York, but unfortunately, they don’t have a real home team advantage. Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas, and Nic Claxton have all been playing great, but Luka Dončić is on an absolute tear right now, averaging 41 points, 10.6 assists, and 9.2 rebounds per game over the last five matches. 

We also can’t forget about Kyrie Irving, as he hasn’t been drowned out at all by Dončić, averaging a solid 26.5 points, 6 assists, and 5.6 rebounds over the same stretch. It’s just unfortunate that the amazing stats showcased by the dynamic duo haven’t necessarily led to a ton of wins.

The Brooklyn Nets, on the other hand, have had a solid last couple of games, notably beating the Philadelphia 76ers 121-136. The Nets definitely have the ability to beat decent teams – it’s just that they really lack star power. The Ben Simmons idea has completely fizzled out, and Mikal Bridges simply isn’t a superstar.

They have the ability to take a game or two off some decent teams, but down the stretch, they don’t have that guy to rely on.

Dallas does have that guy to rely on in Luka, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own issues. As we mentioned, even with Dončić playing at an all-time level, the Mavs haven’t been winning a ton of games, mainly due to their weak defence.

Against teams with a strong inside presence, the 19-year-old Dereck Lively II just isn’t enough to hold it down. Unfortunately for Dallas fans, he isn’t playing due to his nose injury.

If the Brooklyn Nets want a shot at winning the match, they really need to abuse Dalla’s weak inside, slashing to the bucket and punishing the boards. Nonetheless, we still side with the Dallas Mavericks coming into the game – the offensive output of Dončić and Iriving is just too potent, in our opinion.

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