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North London Derby: Lucky Timing for the Spurs?

2015-11-06 12:23

Another week, another derby: this Sunday will see Arsenal going against Tottenham Hotspur. Could the injured Gunners‘ squad still overpower the Spurs and – if luck has it – maybe even take Man City‘s place at the very top of the League? Tottenham have a plot of their own, because if they don‘t win, they could lose their cosy top 5 spot.

The TonyBet bookies don‘t think that Tottenham can best Arsenal even in its weakened state: the odds for a Spurs win are at 83/20, while for the Gunners‘– at 73/100. To be fair, Arsenal has been doing pretty great lately, however, the incredible amount of injuries on the team means that they will not be able to play at their full capacity.

Theo Walcott‘s and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain‘s relegation to the bench was already a considerable blow, but now Hector Bellerin is out as well, not to mention a bunch of other players. Laurent Koscielny, however, may be fit to play and the team will have to rely heavily on Petr Cech, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, and Olivier Giroud to save the day.

On the other hand, the Spurs aren‘t completely healthy, either – Danny Rose, Nacer Chadli, and a few others will not be joining the squad. However, they still have an advantage here, especially with Son Heung-min deemed fit to play in the upcoming game and it could turn out to be a pretty brilliant opportunity to make use of the unfortunate Arsenal‘s situation.

Leicester City‘s fans must be having a field day, as they are still at the third place and their upcoming game should allow them to keep this position. The Foxes have only lost one match so far and the odds say their meet with Watford is not going to change that:  the Hornets only have the odds of 69/20 against Leicester’s 79/100.

Another team that’s been a delight to its supporters is West Ham. However, their game against Everton could possibly have them dropping down in the table, as TonyBet bookies predict a tough match for both sides with the odds of a Toffees’ win being at 9/5, while the Hammers’ victory – at 3/2. Going by their history, Everton has better chances at victory as they’ve won three out the last five games against each other, only lost one and drew one, too.

Even though there’s still a fair bit of games left to play until we get to the middle of the EPL, some of the teams have already set a clear tone to how their respective seasons are going to play out. The schedule is only getting more intense and the point difference – more daunting, which only makes the games that much more fun to watch, so put your feet up and support your favourites.