The Golden State Warriors may be coming off a brutal six-game losing streak, but bookmakers still give them the edge in their upcoming match against the Rockets. The Rockets themselves are also coming off their very own two-loss streak, but they did manage to put together a 6 game win streak earlier this month.

Nonetheless, the Stephen Curry-led Warriors should manage to eke out a win against the Rockets, just like in their last meeting, where they won 106-95. The Rockets simply don’t have the firepower nor depth to compete with Golden State, as long as the Warriors play up to how we know they can.

However, the combination of Fred Vavleet at point, Jalen Green on the wing, and Aperen Segun setting high picks could pose some issues for the aging Warriors core. This goes especially for the inside, where Jonathan Kuminga is the only real presence in the key, which won’t do much to stop the big man or disrupt any close shots.

Regardless of how the Rockets play, the real question here is whether Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and the other Warriors step up to help Curry. So far this season, Klay and the roster have really been lacking, as Curry has been lighting it up night in and night out.

That is to say, as long as the Warriors bench plays to an average level, this one should be in the bag. But things could get dicey if Curry continues to be the only one hitting shots and creating offence.

Warriors vs Rockets Odds, Spread Prediction

The Warriors might currently be seeded lower than the Rockets, but they will still likely win this game by 4 or more points. The Warriors aren’t stunning by any means this season, but the roster they have put together should have the ability to put down Houston by the third quarter.

The Rockets definitely have an overall decent roster this year, but they just don’t have any real superstars or firepower. While players like Fred Vanvleet are good, there is a problem if you’re expecting them to create offence on their own without any real stars to take some pressure off.

If the Rockets were able to pull a star like Damian Lillard, they would definitely be on the Golden State’s level, but they’re just not there currently. What’s likely to happen is that Houston will get off to a relatively strong start before falling victim to an onslaught of threes and athletic drives to the basket.

The only real problem the Warriors face is on the inside, as we mentioned before. While Jonathan Kuminga is a great player on his own, he hasn’t really made a name for himself shutting down the paint, and Draymond Green simply doesn’t have the impact he once did.

That is all to say, this one will most likely be competitive for the first half until the Warriors gradually pull away. It won’t be a stomp, but the Warriors should cover the spread and win by a slight margin.

Monday’s showdown will be a matchup between a roster of solid roleplayers and the NBA’s best shooter, backed up by a handful of underperforming stars.


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Warriors vs Rockets Player Pick and Betting Tip

In Monday’s matchup against the Houston Rockets, it’s highly probable that Stephen Curry will continue his scoring spree, likely surpassing the 30-point mark. The Golden State Warriors star player has consistently demonstrated he still has it in his thirties, maintaining an impressive average of over 30 points per game.

Expect him to drain an array of shots from far beyond the arc while throwing in a high-arcing floater here and there. Fred VanFleet may try to get up in his grill, but since when has that slowed Curry in the slightest?

Moreover, Curry’s role as the sole floor general and primary offensive option further increases his chance of reaching that 30-point mark. When an entire offence is centred around one player, it tends to lead to some inflated numbers, and in the case of this bet, that’s not a bad thing.

It’s not going to be any beautiful Spurs basketball by any means, but Curry should be able to easily pass that 29.5-point margin and pay this bet out.