New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors. Prediction, Odds

The Knicks and Raptors will both be looking to break their losing streaks on Monday after a couple of rough losses on both sides. Unfortunately for Knicks fans, it looks like Jalen Bruson will be out on Monday with his left ankle sprain still lingering.

Without Brunson’s playmaking, the Knicks’ offence is likely going to suffer even with Julius Randles’ great play over the last several games. 

Keep in mind that during their last meeting, Toronto was able to hold Randle to only 20 points on mediocre efficiency.

On the other hand, the Raptors will be looking to snap their 3-game losing streak after a disappointing 3-point loss to the Charlotte Hornets last game.

The team overall played quite well; it just wasn’t enough in the final minutes.

Pascal Siakam and Scottie Barnes specifically played quite well, with Scottie Barnes dropping 31 against Charlotte. So it’s safe to say that the young guy will be even hungrier for a win after putting on a performance like that on Friday.

However, the real key to this game has to be Jalen Brunson’s injury because without him, it’s hard to see New York pulling this one out.

It’s incredibly unlucky for the Knicks because if Brunson is healthy, this is likely a game they would come away with easily.

All things considered, we have to give a slight edge to the Rap’s. With their length and athleticism, they should be able to easily key in on Randle, slow down the Knick’s offensive tempo, and force easy turnovers.

It should still be quite close, though, with the raps covering a spread of 3.5 or less.

Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Prediction and Betting Tip

Boston and Cleveland both come into this game with plenty of momentum behind them, with the Cav’s winning three straight and the Celtics winning four of their last five matches. 

Cleveland will still likely struggle, especially with how much Jrue Holiday is going to be hounding Donovan Mitchell.

In all honesty, Boston’s roster is simply on another level compared to most of the league this season. They’ve simply been unbelievable this year. 

With Jayson Tatum freeing up space, Kristaps Porziņģis and Jaylen Brown have been nothing but solid, putting up efficient 20 and sometimes 30-point nights. 

The “big three” of Tatum, Porziņģis, and Brown will be too much for Cleveland to handle, and when you throw in arguably the best perimeter defender in the NBA in Holiday, it’s most likely wraps. 

However, Cleveland should still be able to put up a pretty good fight.

Even with a litany of injuries plaguing the roster, they have still been playing great over the last several weeks and have beaten several decent teams.

Donovan Mitchell specifically has been playing incredibly efficiently, especially from beyond the arch, where he has shot above 37.5% in his last three games.

It should be close throughout the first half before Boston likely takes a lead in the third, which it won’t let go of.

There are simply too many mismatches on the floor to not give the Celtics a sizable advantage. Jayson Tatum is nigh unguardable at this point, and Porziņģis should dominate near the basket while also shooting decently from the outside.

The Celtics should realistically be able to cover a spread of 6.5 without any real difficulties. Unless Mitchell has a showout game, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stand against the Juggernaut leading the East.

Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers. Prediction and Betting Tip

The Lakers will be looking to keep the good times rolling after winning the inaugural in-season tournament, which will likely prove to be too much for the Kyrie Irving-less Dallas Mavericks.

After suffering a right heel contusion on the 9th, Irving will likely have to sit out for a decent amount of time, leaving Luka Dončić in the same rough spot he was in last season. 

Having to carry an entire offence on your back just isn’t the way to play winning basketball.

On the Lakers’ end of things, LeBron James and Anthony Davis will likely take advantage of Dallas’s weak inside presence. 

With the defensive issues Dallas suffers, especially with Luca now likely pulling back on that end of the court, the all-star duo is going to have a field day.

Los Angeles should also have all of the momentum in the world coming into this one, and as long as they don’t get too sloppy, it shouldn’t be that close of a game.

It’s just hard to see a reality where Luca pulls this roster to dub without a crazy 40+ point performance. Don’t get us wrong, he is able to score numbers like that; it’s simply ridiculous how much Dallas relies on him.

All things considered, Los Angeles should be able to come away with this one, realistically covering a spread of 4.5 points without too much sweat. 

Luca should be able to keep Dallas in the game for the first two quarters, but as time goes on, Davis and LeBron will be able to pull it out.

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