Canada vs Norway. Shape of the Teams

Canada didn’t play as well as they hoped in their overtime win against Austria. However, they’ve plated as well as expected in other games, and the expectation is that they will only get better. Entering the tournament, Canada was viewed as the heavy favourite.

Now, 3-0 with one overtime win, Canada finds itself in a great position to continue dominating.

Norway hasn’t been great, currently 1-2. They weren’t supposed to be a great team entering the IIHF, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they’ve struggled the way they have. 

They’ll have to stop Canada if they want to continue in the tournament. Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done, as this Canada offence is by far the best in the tournament.

Canada vs Norway Prediction

The most impressive thing about this Canada team is that they haven’t even played as well as most were hoping for. When they finally figure it out on the offensive and defensive end, they’re going to be tougher to beat than they already are.

In their most recent game, they netted seven goals. Although they conceded six, this could be attributed to them easing off the accelerator, perhaps underestimating their opponents or shifting focus prematurely.

The NHL talent on the Canadian roster is incomparable to any other team in the IIHF. While some teams may boast NHL players, none can rival the depth and quality of Canada’s lineup. Because of this, backing them in the entire tournament will be the ideal bet. Also, Norway simply doesn’t have enough talent to keep up with them, which was evident in their first three games.

Canada vs. Norway Betting Tip

Connor Bedard is taking over for Team Canada and living up to the high expectations many had for him at the IIHF World Championship. The Chicago Blackhawks star has done nothing but impress in his young professional career, having had an impressive season in the NHL.

Through the first three games of the tournament, he’s been the best player in the world. He currently leads the way with six points, scoring five goals and adding an assist.

The reason he’s able to play this way is because of all the other impressive players that Canada’s offence has. When the rest of the offence can get involved and swing the puck around, it allows for Bedard to get easier shots, something no defence wants to deal with.

Instead, he’s making teams pay for the lack of defence they can play on him, and that’s going to continue. If Norway finds a way to stop him from scoring goals, he’s only going to go out and drop assists. He’s not afraid to make that extra pass, and that’s important when taking his over on points.

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Responsible Betting

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