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Arsenal will face Lens, who are second in the group with five points, presenting an opportunity for squad rotation and redemption, considering Arsenal’s unexpected loss to Lens in France. A win here would be crucial for Arteta’s squad to advance confidently.

Arteta couldn’t be happier with the team’s momentum. Arsenal leads their Champions League group with 9 points and tops the Premier League with 30 points. A recent 0-1 victory at Brentford and draws by title contenders Liverpool and Manchester City have solidified their league position.

Key players

Picking out key players in a well-balanced Arsenal squad is no easy task. What’s certain is that Raya’s injury has turned out to be decisive despite Ramsdale’s earlier significance. Kai Havertz is probably the player to watch; not the most fashionable forward, but certainly hard to play against in the box. Besides, while not regular starters, Eddie Nketiah and Fabio Vieira could turn out to be decisive against Lens, particularly with Jesus’ current form struggles. They usually leave a legacy behind of making ‘things work’ after the 90’, unique in their own ways.


Recent matches

Lens is not a household name yet in the European scene, but their domestic campaign deserves attention. They remain undefeated in Ligue 1 (though they have not faced many direct rivals yet), showcasing a strong academy-driven methodology. Lens’s only loss so far came against PSV (0-1) while their win against Arsenal was noteworthy (2-1).

The question remains: Can they do it on a cold night in the Emirates? Despite a recent win against Clermont (3-0), Lens showed vulnerabilities, which were evident in a red card. A victory would put them almost level with Arsenal (only one point behind, at 8 pts while Arsenal are at 9). A loss, however, could be synonym of Europa League relegation depending on PSV’s result against Sevilla (4th, 2 pts). 

Key players

As Lens function as a typical low-tier, scouting and academy-based team, there isn’t exactly one player to stand out. But if there are three regulars of the team that contribute to the team’s progress, these are certainly Frankowski and Aguilar on the wings and Thomasson (through the central forward line). They often employ triangular passing strategies, a regular method of progression from wide used by Lens.

Head-to-Head Statistics 

With Lens being a recent addition to Ligue 1, there are very few encounters between both teams. Their first encounter in the Champions League finished with a French victory (2-1) against what seemed a rather sluggish Arsenal. Their only other encounter was a friendly in 2016, leaving both teams undecided (1-1)

Arsenal vs Lens Prediction, Betting Tip

Arsenal might have a rather disappointing history in European away games, but at the Emirates, they’re hard to beat. Lens will likely be overwhelmed by Arsenal’s roaring crowd as the Gunners welcome Lens, who will face the tough pressure of the Premier League in a do-or-die mission. This is not the case for Arsenal. This match offers Nketiah a chance to shine, ensuring he remains in the race of Arteta’s beloved forwards.

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