Arsenal looks to continue its recent two-game winning streak with this match, aiming for the top of the table. Coming off their recent 5-0 victory over Sheffield United, they are poised to hit the ground running as soon as the match starts. 

The Gunners come into this game as the slight favourite, even with Newcastle United’s home-field advantage.  

However, Newcastle has also had a string of great games over the last couple of months, winning four of their last five league games. On paper, the Gunners, currently in second place, should easily overpower the Magpies who are in sixth place, but the game might be tighter than expected.

Even with Arsenal’s success, both of these squads have found their offensive lines quite sluggish this past year. Expect a real brawl in this soccer match as these two teams duke it out with their solid midfield and defensive lines.

Newcastle vs Arsenal Match Info

Newcastle vs Arsenal Prediction and Odds

This exciting matchup pits two teams fighting for top spots in the premiership, with both coming off strong last showings. A win for either side at this stage of the season would make a significant statement.

However, Newcastle United definitely have an uphill battle on their hands, as the Gunners have beaten them out in four of their last five meetings. To add insult to injury, in those matches, the Magpies only managed to score two goals to Arsenal’s six.

Newcastle should fare a bit better this time around, though, especially if they are able to get some shots on goal, preferably by Callum Wilson or Alexander Siak.

It will be a great test for both of these teams going forward, but unless Newcastle United really bring their A-game, Arsenal should have an advantage.

Newcastle vs Arsenal Betting Tips

Aside from both of their recent thrashings against Sheffield United, both of these teams have had quite reserved offensive outings, especially against one another. Just take a look at their last five matchups, where the total score never surpassed two.

When looking at their recent head-to-head matchups, choosing under 2.5 goals seems like a no-brainer. Neither squad has an overly explosive offensive line, especially as Arsenal’s bid for Neto may fall through after his injury.

Again, you can expect a real slugfest between these two rosters as they feel each other out in their first meeting of the season.