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The most elite football tournament is the undisputed champion when billions of people all over the world are watching the game. All of them are football lovers at first, but they are potential customers as well. As money is an important factor here, the worldwide companies try to do their best to impress people. Anyway, we can be just amazed by the creativity in the result.

This week we want to fan the flames of your impatience and share a list of the TOP 5 commercials related to the World Cups. All of them are just simply amazing, fun or even inspiring. Have fun fiends and let’s spread the football fever!

1. Beats By Dre – The Game Before the Game

In these days, it is not easy to impress customers just with a good storyline. So, how to attract the crowd then? A key point might be a famous person. However, if you want to be exclusive, you need a whole gang of famous people. That’s what the well-known company of audio products Beats Electronics LLC did. The epic commercial for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s premium headphone is rather the parade of stars than a commercial. The world's greatest footballers – Neymar Jr, Goetze, Sturridge, Fabregas, Suarez, Chicharito, Van Persie, Schweinsteiger, Altidore, Sagna, Matuidi together with other sports stars as LeBron James or Serena Williams features their authentic pre-game rituals accompanied by music. You can notice famous pop singers as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne in this add too. Now count all start who showed up and guess the total estimate of this add.

2. Adidas – The Dream

Usually, Adidas is one of the main sponsors of the World Cups. So, they cannot let themselves to look cheap, right? One of the most impressive commercials of Adidas was launched in 2014. The commercial was directed as a short psychological thriller movie. A player tries to sleep before a big match. He’s worried about has he trained enough or will he know what to do with a world-class opponent bearing down on him. The dream is twisted with the reality and it ends up with a massive scene, of course. The commercial spot features superstar football players Messi, Dani Alves, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Luis Suárez, Xavi, Jordi Alba, Mesut Özil, Robin van Persie and David Villa. Kanye West made a mix special for this add. The total budget was not revealed, but the numbers supposed to be impressive.

3. Pepsi – Oktoberfest

Not all brands try to be serious. Sometimes the good sense of humour and some recognizable famous faces (what a surprise, huh?) work even better. That’s what Pepsi did. In one of the most unusual World Cup ads, Pepsi has Thierry Henry, Roberto Carlos and David Beckham facing off against a group of typical Tyrolean Germans. Traditional Bavarian dances, the waitress with plunging necklines and David Beckham without his shirt – what else could be needed? If it is not weird enough, take a look at the glasses. As this was an advertisement for Pepsi, this drink was used instead of cold beer that is usually being served in Oktoberfest. This add is so hilarious that you want to watch it over and over again.

4. Hyundai – #BecauseFutbol

Being a true football fan means to be very passionate about the game and your life as well. That is a fact. The demographic data shows that the World Cup causes the increased birth-rate in host countries. That is a fact too. Hyundai tried to connect these two facts and launched a commercial about the baby-boom after the World Cup. According to Hyundai, only the World Cup can inspire such big passion. Rather than focus on professional players, Hyundai focused on fans in a sarcastic way. This add is different as there is no football superstars or unpredictable scenario, but it’s convivial and catchy.

5. McDonald – GOL

What a simple but inspiring idea. In this add, you won’t see famous players or any other posh starts. Here old and young football players show off their skills by kicking balls off escalators, church bells and giant floating barges. The idea is that the talent may lie in a kid, in a model with high heels or even in an old man. The playing itself looks so satisfying and it is accompanied by the rhythmic music so all you want after watching this add – go outside and develop some new moves.