World Cup’18 Fever: How Far Could You Go to Support Your National Team

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Being a passionate fan of the sport is not just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle! That’s why there are thousands of stories about the madness of fans. Some of these stories are just crazy, but others are truly inspiring.

The latest story is about a young Egyptian cycling enthusiast Mohammed Nawfal (24) and his challenge called World Cup on Pedal. He plans to overpass more than 5000 kilometers by bike in 65 days, reach Moscow, the capital city of Russia, and support the national football team of Egypt in the World Cup 2018.   

Egyptian cyclist Mohamed Nofal is leaving his town












Egyptian cyclist Mohamed Nofal is leaving his town

Egypt team has failed to show their football skills in the World Cup qualifications for decades. However, the match, held in October of 2017 at the Borg El Arab stadium, ended the chapter of accidents. Mohammed Salah scored the last-minute penalty that ensured Egypt's place in World Cup 2018. Egypt will compete in the worldwide football tournament for the first time since 1990.

Inspired by this good new, Mohammed Nawfal started his journey last Saturday. Sure, he spent several months preparing for this trek. The main task was choosing a safe route for the journey. Nawfal will ride through Jordan, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. However, he bought the plane tickets and will fly over Syria and Iraq due to the security reasons.

When asked about his passion for a football, Nawfal said there are much more about this trip than just the upcoming matches. “It is about the road more than the arrival – he said – if it were just about the World Cup, I would take a plane. It is a great chance for me to see new things.”

Nawfal has already met lots of people who are excited about his trip. That’s why he is documenting his adventures on Instagram. If you are excited about this journey too, feel free to follow him.