Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray

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The Third annual Grand Slam is about to open, and after Djokovic having achieved what was immediately dubbed as the Nole Slam, it‘s going to be pretty interesting. Can the Serb survive the pressure and take yet another step towards a calendar year Slam, or will Andy Murray finally break the rut of finishing second that he‘s gotten himself into?

The TonyBet bookies seem to be of the opinion that no-one else is as likely to triumph as Novak Djokovic. It’s not tough to see exactly why he’s such a sure choice – this outstanding tennis player has collected 12 Grand Slam titles throughout his career. And then there’s Andy Murray, who was his opponent for quite a few of his victorious, as well as the disappointing, finals.

Djokovic has faced the Scotsman in seven Grand Slam finals, and he won five of those – including the two most recent ones in Australian Open and French Open of this season. Now judging by the form that both of these players have been displaying, it is very likely that Wimbledon will see them face each other once again.

Now it has been a while since these two met in Wimbledon – and they have only played each other once in this tournament’s final, back in 2013, when Andy Murray scored his second Grand Slam title. Ever since then, the Scotsman didn’t go further than the finals, but in 2016, he seems very capable of doing that – except he can’t seem to get past Djokovic.

However, can anyone really get past the Serb? Wawrinka managed to do just that quite a few times, but then he has a better backhand which seems to be key in upsetting Djokovic. It’s the aggressive, nothing-held-back style that can get to him – but the trouble is, that you have to do it better than he does, which is a bit of a tall task for even the best players.

With the height that Murray has, he could very well be more aggressive in his gameplay – which he sometimes does, but then clearly his plans aren’t working out very well in the matches against Djokovic. It may be that he lacks consistence, although it could also be the fact that by now it’s very hard to get through these games psychologically – the Serb does look rather indestructible.

Although it seems like it’s going to be the same duo in the finals of Wimbledon, it’s a bit early to be all that sure. After all, even a look at the women’s singles can be very telling of how fast things can change – Serena Williams is currently a two-in-a-row runner up, with other players scoring debut Grand Slam titles. The scenario could very well be re-written at the last minute: after all, you never know when a new champion is going to be born.