Will the Golden State Warriors Win the All Stars Weekend?

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Will the Golden State Warriors Win the All Stars Weekend?

The Golden State Warriors are having an amazing season to say the least – so far, they have managed to win 48 out of the 52 games they‘ve already played, and currently they are on an eleven game winning streak. This weekend, three of their best are going to be in the All Stars Games – so will Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson carry this spirit of Warriors to the upcoming prestigious event, too?

There’s no denying that last year’s MVP Stephen Curry is absolutely killing it with the three pointers – and the TonyBet bookies have him as a strong favourite to win this contest in the upcoming weekend with the odds of 6/5. However, even the second favourite winning would still be one of the Warriors, as it’s their Klay Thompson with the odds of 4/1.

It’s not the only category where the Warriors have brilliant chances at triumphing – Draymond Green is the favourite to dominate in the skills challenge, where his odds are at 6/1. After that, there’s also the MVP of the All Stars game to be chosen, and it’s no big surprise that Stephen Curry is at the top of the shortlist once again.

However, Draymond Green could be a surprise leader in this category. Even though his odds are well behind Curry’s being only 26/1, he is leading the League with 10 triple doubles. Only Westbrook has managed to catch up to him somewhat with 8 – which means that together, they have 18 triple doubles, which is just four less than the rest of the entire 30 teams’ players managed throughout this season.

Green and Westbrook are probably the best rounded players in the whole NBA, so it wouldn’t be too far of a shot to think that they’ve got a fair chance at claiming the weekend’s MVP title, too, especially since this title normally goes to a player from the Western Conference that typically has the stronger teams playing in it.

The Golden State Warriors should definitely have a pretty brilliant weekend, and they will most likely score a few awards while they’re at it. When a team is playing as well as they are, it’s obvious that they must have a pretty brilliant squad – and while Stephen Curry may be leading it, his team is more than helping him along. The Warriors are true to their name indeed – every last one of them!