Viva Las Vegas: Top 5 Burlesque Shows

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Going to Vegas? Getting cultured is scarcely anyone‘s first choice here. However, it wouldn‘t be the sin city if you couldn‘t combine art with nudity, music, and dance! If you need any more hints, just remember the iconic photo of Dita Von Teese in a martini glass. Yes, I‘m talking burlesque! Seeing a show is one of the musts when visiting Vegas.

1. Jubilee

Jubilee Burlesque show

Photo credit: Vegas Report Newswire

Jubilee, taking place in Bally‘s Hotel & Casino, is a real Vegas classic. Of course, the topless dancers are drop-dead gorgeous, but they are masters of their art, too. Could you get semi-naked with a huge decorative hat on your head? Oh, and don’t forget to put on one of the best shows in the world while you’re at it. Simple stuff!

2. Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls show

Photo credit:  Vintage Las Vegas

Crazy Girls is one of the oldest burlesque shows in the Las Vegas Strip, and its fame inspired a bronze statue next to Riviera Hotel & Casino, where it takes place. Of course, the statue reflects the art – which is why it’s a bunch of nearly naked girls, hugging each other and proudly displaying their toned behinds to the city. An old urban legend tells us that to touch a butt of this sculpture brings good luck… must be why they’re all so well polished!

3. Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque show performer

Photo credit: Zombie Burlesque Show

If you want a topless show, Zombie Burlesque is probably not your best bet. However, if you have a love for zombies and awesome dance routines, it‘s going to be an absolute treat! It’s your favorite Hollywood character in a completely new role – and it’s just so delightfully American you won’t be able not to love it.

4. X Burlesque

X Burlesque

X Burlesque has been performing for more than 13 years, and it has stayed in the insanely competitive Las Vegas by being just that good. Expect ridiculously talented dancers, and a particularly interesting performance in a bathtub of all places. A stripper’s pole right in the middle of the stage will make you happy to have spent that extra cash on VIP tickets – and if you didn’t splurge, well, my friend, do it next time.

5. Zumanity

Zumanity show

Did you love Cirque du Soleil, but you thought the girls there wore way too many clothes? Well, have I got news for you! In Zumanity, you‘ll become a witness to amazing performances by acrobats, dancers, and clowns... and they‘ll be topless by the end of the show. Basically, there are no disadvantages here!

If you bring your significant other to any of these shows, you might have a little trouble keeping your poker face on. But despite being deeply erotic, burlesque is an art, and a beautiful one at that. So feel free to feel awe – and to let your jaw drop a couple times during the show!

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