Viva Las Vegas: The Fanciest Restaurants in Town

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What’s one of the first things that pops into your head when you think of Vegas? For me, it’s luxury. There’s lots of it in the Sin City, even if a good part of it is kitschy at best. While it’s nearly impossible to imagine this town without elite casinos and extremely expensive cars, people in Vegas eat dinner, too. And they do it in style, at the best, jaw-dropping restaurants where you might even meet a real celebrity.

1. Joёl Robuchon

Getting three Michelin stars is a big accomplishment for any restaurant. But Joёl Robuchon isn‘t a legend for nothing – his luxurious food temples have no less than 25 Michel stars in total! It comes as no surprise that nobody managed to break this record so far. So if you’re lucky enough to get a dinner at Joёl Robuchon, you can be sure that this is going to be the best French food you‘ve ever had. The gorgeous Art Deco interior by Pierre-Yves Rochon will help you enjoy your $800 meal (that buys a dinner for two -if you‘re being frugal).

2. L‘Atelier de Joёl Robuchon

Surprise! Yet another great restaurant by the same Joёl Robuchon. L‘Atelier de Joёl Robuchon is situated in a casino, and it‘s a bit more casual than it‘s counterpart above. Well, as much as you could expect a Michelin star restaurant to be casual. L‘Atelier offers luxury French cuisine, and an unique opportunity to watch the chef at work. In French l‘atelier stands for an artist’s studio, which is why the guests are seated where they can observe the creation of chefs-d’oeuvre. A dinner for two here is around $400, which sounds like a steal compared to the first restaurant in this list.

3. Guy Savoy

The French really know their food, don‘t they? Guy Savoy is another famous, Michelin-starred French chef. To be fair, his Vegas restaurant hasn‘t been honoured with a star yet. However, there is no reason to doubt that the food hear is as elegant as it is delicious. The founder of this restaurant doesn‘t allow the staff to wear perfume at work, and you won‘t see a single flower! That‘s done to prevent foreign smells to disturb the aroma of the mouth-watering dishes. Of course, the prices reflect such attention and devotion – a dinner for two will be at least  $600.

4. CUT

Love good steak? In Vegas? Well then, CUT is the place for you! It’s a restaurant by Wolfgang Puck fully dedicated to – you guessed it – steak. The meat here is aged for a few weeks, and you will be amazed by the generous selection of dishes. They also serve salads, seafood, and desserts, but surely, steak is the best choice. In CUT, you will also find exquisite cheese and enjoy wines picked by sommelier Lindsey Whipple. While your check can vary by hundreds of dollars in any of these luxurious restaurants, you can expect to have dinner for two for roughly $300.

5. Picasso

If you‘re a die-hard cubism fan and a gourmand, Picasso is your heaven. Just as the name suggest, the biggest inspiration here is the legendary Spanish artist. However, rest assured that you won’t see any cheap reproductions of his art. The restaurant is decorated with the original paintings, so your eyes and soul will be getting as much a treat as your stomach. Julian Serrano (two Michelin stars!) will astonish you with delicious Mediterranean seafood, and the wine is hand-picked by sommelier Robert Smith. In comparison, a dinner for two here might seem cheap – you can expect a check for around $250

I’m not suggesting that these five restaurants are the only places to eat at in Vegas, though. This wonderful city has a lot to offer, and if you’re not willing to blow your rent money on a fabulous dinner, you can still enjoy a ton of wonderful restaurants. Of course, if you win big in sin city, you might want to spoil yourself! But even if you’re not looking to gamble, even a virtual trip around this city of lights, luxury, and kitsch is worth your while.