The Victor of Eurovision 2016

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Eurovision is the one event that never fails to catch everyone‘s attention. It‘s got big songs, even bigger shows, and some of the strangest performances in the continent – and so it‘s only natural that everyone wants to know just who will become the next sensation. The TonyBet bookies picked their favourites: are they the ones you will support?

Pop it with Russia

The Russians haven‘t won Eurovision since 2008 – and Sergey Lazarev seems very keen to change that. This time around, Dimitris Kontopoulois and Philip Kirkorov are pitching in as well – these two experienced Eurovision wolves have composed “You Are The Only One” that is considered one of the favourite entries.

According to the bookies, Russia is way ahead of the other contestants – the odds for Sergey’s win are 1.60, a whole lot better than those of the others. He definitely has the perfect pop song formula down – but will that prove to be what Europe wants to hear this year? You never really know what – and whom - will conquer everyone’s hearts in this competition.

Go Classic with Australia

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Why is Australia competing again? Well, apparently, they have been invited because Eurovision is extremely popular in their continent – and the organisers are keen on expanding it. It looks like a friendly entry may go very far this time!

Dami Im is performing what can be best described as a classic ballad, and even though the song is called “Sound of Silence”, that is the last thing it is. Should the Australians prove to be very well loved in Europe and win, Eurovision would still stay here – and according to the bookies, Dami’s chances are very good!

Be Unique with Ukraine

Even though Ukraine has been mostly on the news in the context of their tough situation, they may change it up with a happy experience. They have won Eurovision before, and this year’s entry is considered as one of the favourites to win. It’s original, it’s strong, and it’s nothing we’ve seen before!

Eurovision is known to really like songs that are unique, and Jamala’s self-written and self-composed “1944” is exactly that. This is an entry that truly has character, and even though a lot of critics are already sure of Russia’s potential victory, the tables may still turn and Jamala may prove to be exactly what Europe wants right now.

Before the final begins, the favourites seem pretty obvious. However, we don’t really know for sure yet – and Eurovision tends to present many surprises. It’s a pretty important event for a lot of countries, which means that there’s an abundance of talent – so the only way to find out who’s the new Europe’s sweetheart is to tune in!

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