The Very Predictable Finals of NBA?

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The finals have just started, and yet the Golden State Warriors already have two wins and a 48 point advantage to their name. Their performance is nothing short of historic – before GSW, the biggest point difference achieved in just two games was 42 points, and the bar that they‘ve just set is definitely going to hold up for a while. It‘s only natural to wonder now whether the Cleveland Cavaliers have any hope left whatsoever.

Well, the TonyBet bookies aren‘t all that keen on the Cavs making a turnaround – the odds for them winning the series are only 7.00, which is quite a steep step up from the 1.12 that the Warriors got. It is worth noting, however, that while the Oakland team did win the two first games, they were playing at home – and now the show is moving to Cleveland.

There has definitely been a significant lack of intrigue so far in the NBA finals. While the promise of spicing it up is admittedly a bit thin, the Warriors do hold a better record at home with only two lost games against the seven lost on the road. Still, they’re just ridiculously good, even if these stats do offer a slim possibility of them being easier to beat while they’re away.

Golden State Warriors were lacking input from some of their leading men during the first two games – and look where that got them. Even when we see Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson having a bad day – as compared to their average, of course – the team works well together. It was only Draymond Green, for example, who scored more points than his average during the second fixture, which the GSW still won with an impressive 33 point advantage.

It is no secret that the Cavaliers aren’t exactly lacking in the talent section. However, Kevin Love may not be able to play in Game 3 due to his head trauma – and that is a significant loss for the Cavs. Still, if anyone can be counted on to bring out their best side, it’s LeBron James – plus, the team’s got Kyrie Irvings, who was simply brilliant in the first match. The home advantage may also help – even though the GSW did manage to win the last seven games against the Cavs straight.

If the Golden State Warriors are going to achieve a clean four – zero series triumph, this will probably be dubbed as the most predictable NBA finals for a good while. Sure, it would be historic – but it would be even more thrilling, if the Cavs would finally put up the fight they’re truly capable of. Only time will tell – and we may very well still be left surprised. 

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