TOP 100+ Football Blogs to Follow: The TonyBet Master List

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Ever since the big media revolution – you know, the Internet – communication has changed probably the most since the invention of printing machines. Pretty much anyone with a bit of determination and the ability to type with at least two fingers can create a website and start posting.

Yes, the Internet means new possibilities. It also means opinions and lots of them! And thus started the era of blogging, when the total number of blogs online is well over hundreds of millions.

Here’s our list of Top 100+ football blogs that you should follow.

Why did we come up with it?

Well, the first reason is that here at TonyBet we do love a bit of good football betting and there’s no better way to get information about it than the blogs. Not only are they fresh and interesting, they are also the voice of the people. They started these blogs and websites because of their passion, in this case passion for sports. The blogs that make up our list are written by true football fans – just like you!

Take a peek at these blogs for well-written, sometimes opinionated, and most definitely fresh content.

The organization is completely coincidental and not meant to imply any preferences or favourites.

For The FC Real Madrid Fans:


Latest news, transfer rumours, match reports, analysis, and commentaries – you will find everything you need to know about CF Real Madrid here. As it’s mainly written by two journalists - Alejandro Gonzalez Nieto and Paul Collins – you can expect top notch articles that are informative and well written.

See what they’re tweeting about @RealMadridNewsw.

Are You All For Atlético Madrid? Read This:


This is a blog for all English-speaking Atlético enthusiasts. It was founded by Nick Poskitt in 2010 and has articles contributed by many other writers. You will find both the latest news and opinion pieces, as well as other relevant updates on Atlético Madrid. Check it out!

Want to see the tweets? Here’s their handle @AtleticoFans.

Love AC Milan? Tune In:


Founded by Meytar Zeevi, this is one of the best sources for the AC Milan news in English! It has all the news you need, opinion pieces, match previews, the fan zone and a forum for chatting with the other fans. Give them a go!

They tweet @RossoneriBlog.

Enjoy Everything About FC Juventus? Here You Go:


This is a veteran blog that’s been around since 2002. It has a gorgeous design and a dedicated team of writers who love Juve. It’s definitely one of the best places for the English-speaking Juventus fans to keep updated on the team. Give it a read!

They’re very active on Twitter @juvefcdotcom.

FC Barcelona: News, Rumors, And Opinions:


This blog has a whole another spin on blogging: it’s also a philanthropic organisation in addition to what you usually find on blogs. They run a UNICEF initiative, and feature articles by writers who love FC Barcelona and come from all around the world: Scotland, India, Egypt, USA, Poland, and way more. Tune in for your daily dose of everything FC Barcelona and consider supporting their initiative, too!

Find what they’re tweeting about @totalBarca.

Think FC Arsenal Is Where it’s at? This Is For You:


Originally formed by Matthieu and Hector, this blog is now run by both of them and a bunch of other die-hard Arsenal fans. You will find pre-match previews, post-match analysis, and pretty much all the news related to the club. It also features quite a few opinion pieces, so dig in right now!

See what they tweet @AllArsenalNews


This is an informative independent news source on F.C. Arsenal. Not only does it feature anything and everything related to the club, it also has sections like Arsenal Injuries and Live Scores, so you can expect to be updated on every aspect of the club’s happenings. Give them a go!

Follow their twitter @JustArsenal.


Find all the news and match reports for F.C. Arsenal. It also has a helpful guide for getting around to the Emirates stadium, as well as an Arsenal trophy catalogue. Tune in for news, gossip, and rumours about the club!

Follow them on Twitter @WeAreArsenal.


Expect some well-written articles here that may very well sometimes be pretty tongue-in-cheek. You can also find their weekly podcast with a similar name - Arsecast, and the Arsenal Gent’s column featuring a writer apparently born in 1886. One thing is definite – this blog is not the boring kind, so if you enjoy both that and Arsenal, definitely give them a go!

Here’s their Twitter: @ArseBlog


Read it for daily Arsenal articles – it’s a bit of news mixed with a bit of opinions to bring you the best of both worlds. They also review Arsenal books and have a Dad’s Jukebox feature for your musical needs. This is a very authentic and well-written blog, and you should definitely give it a try!

Follow their Twitter @Yogis_Warrior.


This Arsenal blog focuses on the club’s general happenings, as well as the transfer news and highlights. They will also link you to Arsenal match live streams, so do check them out!

They tweet @pumarsenal.


In addition to the blog, you will also find a podcast. If you prefer getting your football news in the written form, there is plenty of that on the website – the transfer rumours, opinion pieces, analysis, and latest happenings. Give them a read!

Keep up to date with their Twitter @ArsenalVision.


This blog covers general Arsenal news and also offers match previews and analysis. They have contributing fan authors as well as the regulars, and present opinionated and honest pieces of writing. Definitely give them a go!

Here’s where they tweet @theclockend_com.


Keep up to date with Arsenal news by reading this blog. They also offer match analysis and transfer rumours and have a neat live scores section, too. Give them a read!

No Twitter. Sorry.


Dating back to 2007, this blog was set up by Goeff and Pedro. They post every day and strive to be a safe place to express your opinion about football – and Arsenal – without being attacked by those who think differently.  It seems to work really well, as they have very active comment sections. Go join the action!

Twitter feed @legrove.


This one is an extreme veteran – it’s a fanzine that dates back to 1987! They have a podcast, a ton of articles, a forum, a gallery… need we go on? Give this amazing site a read!

Keep up with them on Twitter @GoonerFanzine.


If you want something that’s really well written about the Gooners, this may be just the right blog for you. Its brilliant authors aim to deliver rational and well thought-out pieces. Does that sound good? Give it a go then!

Follow them on Twitter @7amkickoff.


It’s written by one Gooner’s fan who’s been supporting Arsenal since 1979, and writing this blog since 2003. Expect season reviews, opinion pieces, and more – this guy knows what he’s talking about!

The Twitter is @eastlower.


Started in 2010, this blog offers daily posts on everything from transfer gossip to match previews and reviews, general news, and more. Give them a go for your daily dose of all things Arsenal!

They tweet @GoonerDaily.

Is Manchester United The Best Club, Period? This Is For You:


Run by Ian and Dan, this is a blog from Manchester United fans to Manchester United fans. Tune in for news, gossip, transfer rumours and more!

Twitter feed @Red_Rants.


Run by Scott “The Red”, this blog features articles by many great sports writers. If you’re looking for a more interactive website, this one may be the right fit for you, as they do have their own forum. Read for news, rumours, and more!

Look at what they’re tweeting @R_o_M.


This website features both articles and video playlists, and they also do have a forum if you want to talk to the other fans. They offer match previews, line-ups and analysis, as well as everything what’s new and relevant on Manchester United. Follow for your daily updates on the club!

They also tweet @PeoplesPerson.


Created in 2006, this is a brainchild of two friends who love Manchester United. They post about all the latest happenings about the team with the help of a bunch of other writers. A fun feature is that you can rate each article – so they know how much their readers like or don’t like the content. Give them a go!

Follow them on Twitter @Stretford_End.


Follow this blog for your latest Manchester United news, match previews and reports, editor views, and more. It’s been online since 2007 and is written by one football fans to the others. Read them for your dose of Manchester United stuff!

Here’s the Twitter @TrulyReds.


This is a Manchester United blog with authors who also write for Huffington Post, BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail and other popular media. You will find articles on general news, reports, features and even exclusive interviews! They also intend to contribute many articles to club’s history. Definitely give them a go!

Follow them on Twitter @StrettyNews.

FC Liverpool Fans, Gather ‘Round:


Tune in for player analysis, matchday previews, news, transfer rumours, gossip and opinion pieces all on FC Liverpool. Run by a great team of writers, this is truly and informative and well-written blog that is definitely worth a follow!

They tweet @Live4Liverpool.


This is a website with an integrated forum, so it is a good choice for you if you like to interact with other fans. It has daily articles on the latest news, match reports, transfer rumours, squad profiles, statistics, and even more!

The Twitter is @Liverpool_FC_.


All FC Liverpool blog that belongs to the Football Friends Online network. This means that it has more than 250 writers, so every aspect and every opinion will be represented. Read for daily news, rumours, and gossip!

No Twitter. Sorry.


This blog’s front man is Steven McMillan, and he runs it with the help of Neboneid, Grubb, and Mark. In addition to the general and transfer news and opinion pieces, they also do reviews and more. Give them a go!

The Twitter is @SometimesSteven.


This blog aims to form a fan network and bring you all the hottest news and happenings to do with FC Liverpool daily. They also feature opinion pieces and strongly encourage the readers’ interaction, so give them a go – and comment!

They tweet @OurKop.


Follow for your Liverpool FC news from a real Liverpool fan. This is a more traditional blog that has been up and running since 2008. Give it a go!

Catch the tweets @JohnToher.


This is a social and independent blog for Liverpool fans where anyone can contribute their articles. It’s been up and running since 2008 and you can find a wide array of articles about everything to do with the club – news, opinion pieces, transfer rumours, and more. Give them a read and maybe you will want to contribute to their content too!

They tweet @EmpireOfTheKop.


You will find everything you want to read on Liverpool FC in this blog. They have forums and even released an app, so you can read comfortably on your phone. As the blog has been running since 2001, they’re no rookies in this game, so give them a try for your daily news, videos, and opinions!

The Twitter is @ThisIsAnfield.

FC Chelsea and Everything about It:


If you’re looking for something very well-written and really thorough, you will probably lose yourself in this site for a good few hours. It has news, opinion pieces, and transfer rumours, but you will also find history on the club’s seasons going back to 2000/2001, a forum to connect with other fans, and a big team of talented writers. Give them a go!

You can find them tweeting @officialcfcnet.


Founded by Vijayakrishna who is also a writer in the official Chelsea blog, it is now run by him and one Matt Clark. Tune in for the opinions of real fans: the banter, the debates, and more all based on the newest happenings in the Chelsea club.

The Twitter is @BlueChampion.


This is a blog written by CD since 2009, who has been a Chelsea fan for over 30 years. Read this authentic blog from a fan to other fans for news, opinions, rants, videos, rumours, and more!

All tweets @ChelseaDaft.


Run by a life-long, die-hard Chelsea fan, this blog hopes to provide more humorous side of things when they get tough and generally keep up a not-too-serious approach to the previews, opinion pieces, and other articles that he publishes. Give it a go!

Keep up with the Twitter update @TheChelseaBlog.


This blog aims to involve all Chelsea fans into a community, and they have a forum where you can even arrange meet-ups before the games. In the blog itself, they talk about everything: transfers, rumours, general news, match previews, and more. Definitely give them a read!

See what they’re tweeting about @TalkChelsea.

For All Your Manchester City Needs:


This Manchester City blog features latest news, favourite games, transfer rumours, gossip, and more. It is run by an excellent bunch of writers who post on many different topics – all to do with FC Manchester City, of course! Give them a read.

They tweet @TypicalCity.

News and Rumours on Everton FC:


Going back all the way to 1994, this blog is probably the oldest of them all. It has tons of different categories, covering every aspect of information in its articles, as well as curates a fan zone where you can find a forum and even fanzines. You can find everything on FC Everton history and analysis, too, so definitely give it a go!

Keep up with them on Twitter @ToffeeWeb.

For All Your FC Aston Villa Needs:


This is a 3-for-1 kind of deal where you get an Aston Villa fan site, a blog, and a forum. It was founded in 2006 by two brothers and their friend. Stuart Young and Karl Young still run the site to this day, along with the help of a bunch of other fans. They aim to not only inform fans on the happenings of this club, but to form and strengthen the fan community. It’s a really good blog, too, so do check it out!

Follow them on Twitter @avillafan.

Get The Latest News And Gossip On FC Leeds United:


They are a self-proclaimed fanzine founded in 2008, and don’t let the name lead you into thinking their website looks like a shed. In fact, it’s quite slick and they feature a whole lot of articles on match reviews, transfer news, and the latest FC Leeds United happenings. Read them to keep updated!

They tweet @TSSLUFC.

Everything You Want To Read On FC Newcastle United:


This blog aims to be the local pub in an online version. They don’t aim to provide you with the news – they want to start a discussion and this is what they do in their articles. Give them a read and talk with the other fans while you’re at it!

The Twitter is @NUFCblogs.


This blog has clean and simple design and is run by a life-long Newcastle fan. The approach here is very matter-of-fact and realistic, grounded with facts and figures. Definitely give it a read for your source of no-nonsense news!

They tweet @TyneTime.


No, this is not a double-post. It’s not the same as the one before, they just both happen to write about the same beloved team! They post about the club’s statistics, latest happenings and also have quite a few opinion pieces, so give them a go!

Follow them on Twitter @NUFCblogcouk.


If you’re worried that blogs sometimes may be a tad too unprofessional for your taste, this one is for you. It was founded after the retirement of a magazine that’s been running since 1988 and professionalism is one of their biggest goals. They are independent from the club and try to both inform and entertain, so definitely give them a read!

Their Twitter is @nufcthemag.


It was put together by Richard Havelock along with the two co-founders – RD and Chrissy Smith – who have both been Newcastle season ticket holders for the past 18 years. It’s an opinion blog on everything to do with the club – transfers, team news, match reports, and more. Give them a go for a blog written by your fellow fans!

They tweet @leazesterrace.

FC West Ham United: News and Opinions:


Founded by Iain Dale in 2006, this is a daily West Ham United site. Today, it has articles by a whole bunch of authors, and its editor Iain is proud to say that the comment section features sensible debate. There are a lot of them, too! Go and join the discussion.

Follow them on Twitter @IainDaleWestHam.


This blog has an original approach of collecting the hottest and newest articles about West Ham and presenting them to you in one simple news feed. You will definitely have a brilliant variety here and save tons of time, and maybe discover a few new favourites, too!

Find out what they tweet about @UpTheHammersUK.


It’s a West Ham fans’ blog that is run by Stevo, Iron Bobby and JJ. They write about the club’s news, results, pre-match predictions, transfer rumours, and gossip. Tune in for a true fans-for-fans read!

They tweet @whufcblog.


This blog was founded by Liam Spencer in 2012 and covers everything about the club – transfer news, line-ups, and other happenings. They have a “Daily Bubbles” feature where they summarise all the stories of the day, so you can easily pick and choose what catches your interest. Give them a read for your daily West Ham dose!

The Twitter is pretty high quality, too @ironviews.

Your Daily Dose of FC Tottenham Hotspur:


Read about the latest happenings – hot news, transfer rumours – and about the history of the club in this blog. They also post about the games, opinion pieces and general funny stories related to Spurs. Tune in for your latest news on FC Tottenham!

They tweet @tottenhamblog.

English Premier League News & Stories:


Fancy getting your information on which teams are it the best to bet on in the Premier league? This blog may just be able to help you out! It has been featured on the likes of The Sun and Independent, and in 2010 it was voted to be FA Cup Fans’ Favourite Blog by the English Football Club Association. They aim to deliver credible, informative, and high quality news to you, so definitely give them a go!

Their Twitter is @premtalk.


It was founded in 2010 by Robert Morris and Matthew Wood who are professional journalists, having worked for publications like BBC, The Times, and FHM. This is the blog for you if you want to read about WAGs, transfer rumours and what’s happening off the pitch. They want to entertain you, so their content is easy and fun to read – and they don’t slack off on the quality, either, so give them a go!

They tweet @CleanSheetsAR.

For All the French Football Fans:


A blog about everything to do with French football – all in English, of course. It’s run by a great team of writers who focus on interesting stories, insights and analysis – their goal is to provide you with genuine information rather than to just entertain. They also produce a weekly podcast, so give them a go for your dose of French football!

Follow them on Twitter @frenchftweekly.

Spanish Football News, Gossip and Analysis:


This awesome blog has articles on all 20 La Liga teams, writes about every Spanish team that plays in the Champions League + the Europa League, covers the news on the Copa del Rey and the national Spanish teams.

They also tweet @InsideLaLiga.


It’s founded by two friends – Elisa and Ravi – who say they “fell in love with this beautiful game”. The blog features 4 writers who post about clubs and players of all sizes and importance, as well as the big issues, rumours and gossip.

You can catch their tweets @ForzaFootball.


This is a feature site that posts articles by professional, freelance, and student journalists from the UK and Spain. It’s great, because you will find anything from strong opinion pieces to comprehensive commentary here.

The twitter is @iCentrocampista.


This blog is founded by one Andy Macfarlane who discovered his passion for Spanish football after a year in Andalucia. It mainly focuses on everything La Liga:  results, news, and opinions and is run by a strong team of writers with its creator still strongly contributing to the content.

Find them on twitter @LaLigaBlog.

For All the German Football Fans:


Do you love German football, and especially Bundesliga, but want to read about it in English? This blog is what you’re looking for. Match reports, latest news, editorial pieces, previews, and more: this blog has got it all.

You can find them tweeting @Bundesliga4u.

Love Anything and Everything About Football? Read These:

61.  90 SOCCER

They describe themselves as the football open source network. Just as this suggests, they accept a lot of contributions and is all about letting people hear the voices of true and real football fans. That, of course, means a whole array of interesting articles and opinion pieces.

The official twitter is @90SOCCER.


This blog was started by Kevin Coleman, who wanted to provide a space for quality football-related content. He started writing with Neil Sherwin and today, along with a great team of writers, they post about everything to do with football as well as produce a podcast called Hold The Back Page.

You can find their twitter @BPFootball.


Read it for weekly tactical football match analysis. This blog is written and managed by one person, so while the posting is not daily, this is truly a voice of a football lover.

The twitter is equally awesome @Zonal_Marking.


These guys say they are eclectic, and that is really true – in the best way possible, of course! It’s a feature website where you’ll find a wide range of current football-related topics covered, as well as articles on football history, idols, and rivalries.

They’re pretty funny whilst tweeting @FootyRepublik.


This blog is very popular with the UK crowd, and has a pretty impressive résumé of its content being featured on The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, BBC and Mirror.  They’re dedicated to bringing news, rumours, and humours.

Get their Twitter updates @OffThePost.

66. GOAL

This is a website that covers every type and league of football and focuses on what’s the most current and important. With an impressive number of over 530 reporters on the ground in 50+ cities, you can expect a lot of frequent quality content.

Stay up to date with their Twitter @Goal_Intl.


You will find daily soccer/football news coverage in this privately owned website. They strive to be the only football news source you need, so expect an exhaustive coverage. The topics that they post about include match previews, soccer betting tips, and more!

Find them on Twitter @SoccerNewsFeed.


This is a soccer news and league talk website founded by Christopher Harris where you will find daily articles, including play analysis. They also offer exclusive videos and interviews, have the World Soccer Talk Podcast and original video documentaries. You will also find articles by Kartik Krishnaiyer, Matt Jones, and Peter Quinn who are all life-long football fans.

The Twitter is also pretty active @WorldSoccerTalk.


Find news, reviews, rumours, match previews and fan reactions all on this neat blog. They also encourage active reader interaction and cover all major league tournaments.

The Twitter is @FootballExtras.


Yes, this is a football blog! Or, as they call themselves, “a tasty football magazine”. Along with the general football news and insights, you will also find a good dose of football related humour in article, picture and gif forms. Bon appétit!

Keep up with them on Twitter @waatpies.


This is a website covering top Premier league clubs, as well as the best clubs of Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. Here is where you can find all the news, match previews, full match replays, and more!

Catch up on Twitter @FootballTarget.


This neat football blog which was created and launched by a real-life football fan has posts on all the important football happenings, and, of course, the big leagues – including but not limited to English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, and Ligue 1.

Get in the action on Twitter @UKaction.


This blog is all about the latest happenings in the football world, as well as the transfer rumours, match previews, reviews and the major leagues: the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie 1, and Ligue 1.

Here’s their Twitter: @FootyShoot.


This site covers European football news: those of England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the rest of the continent. It focuses on the analysis and discussion on the best and most promising of the Champions League.

Find out what they’re tweeting about @cl_football.


Created by Daniel Trevisani, today this site has articles by Varun Potlacheruvu, Bharath Ram, and Abhay Shenoy. They focus on football news, and especially on the Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League. Expect daily articles, some videos, and some pictures – as well as a bit of interesting statistics thrown into the mix. Does that sound good?

Follow them on Twitter, too: @ScaryFootball.


This blog is run by a big football enthusiast named Roi. You will find articles covering a wide range of everything about football: latest news, highlights, articles on major leagues (Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga, Premier League), as well as videos, and more!

Here’s the Twitter: @FootballBibles.


They have articles covering all the major leagues and generally aim to popularise the sport of football/soccer. You will also find that they offer video highlights from the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, so tune in today!

They tweet @FiestaFootball.


If you’re looking for something unique, or maybe something that sticks a bit more to the cold and hard data, this is the site for you. It offers statistics-based articles on football, so read it if you are looking for a bit more of a number-backed opinions. They cover all the top leagues of Europe, too.

Find what they’re tweeting about @WhoScored.


This blog that’s been listed as one of the best football blogs to follow by The Guardian offers the coverage of football all around the globe. It was founded by Jonathan Fadugba and is one of the oldest football blogs out there. You can find commentary, analysis, and news on the whole wide world’s football. Focusing on objective and analytical articles, this blog provides true quality content.

Join the crowd on Twitter @JustFootball.


If you’re looking for intelligent and reasonable commentary on the Premier League, English national team and general European football, this is the blog to follow. It offers insight, news, and information and delivers well-written and clever content daily.

Find out what’s on their Twitter @DifferentLeague.


Focusing on high-quality content, this is an editorial football website for true sports enthusiasts. You will find exhaustive tactical analysis, interviews, scouting reports and talent radars that track young (under 21) players who are the most promising. This is definitely the place for good and diverse articles, so dig in!

They tweet @OOTB_football.


This one is a blog by a sport journalist Tom Williams who works with the AFP and is a French football specialist. He focuses on the Premier League and English domestic cup competition coverage, as well as the English national team and the UEFA Champions League matches that involve English clubs. In his professional blog you will find match reports and tactical analysis, as well as other articles.

He tweets @TomWFootball.


This blog is founded by the author of football travel guides Stuart Fuller. You will also find a ton of articles by another author, Brian Parish. The creativity definitely shows in the content, as you can find economic theories explained by football in the addition to match reviews and a section of “My First Games” where football fans remember how their love affairs with the sport had first started. Read this blog for creative and high quality articles!

The official blog’s Twitter: @TheBallIsRound.


Interested in something else entirely? The Football Ramble may just be the right fit for you, as it is a weekly football + comedy show released every Tuesday. In the landing website of this show you can find round-up and general articles full of pictures and videos, so you can keep busy between the shows. Tune in to find out what it’s all about!

They also tweet @FootballRamble.

85. 1000 GOALS

This blog features coverage from football matches, the highlights, the news, and also offers a sports betting section. It covers all the major European leagues – the Champions League, the English Premier League, the Europa League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the Scottish Premier League. If you enjoy football humour, they also have a “Fun” category exactly for that!

Follow their Twitter @1000goalsdotcom.


Authentic, simple, and informative are the three words that best describe this blog. It aims to keep as relevant and informative as possible, and has posts on news and general latest headline-worthy happenings in the world of football.

Keep up to date with their Twitter @TheFootballSaga.


In this blog you will find enough articles to last you ages, as the contributions are made by at least 250 writers. This means that every top club and every major league is covered, and you will find informative content on transfers, news, matches, and more.

Follow them on Twitter @FootyFriends.


In this website with a focus on EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 you can read about transfer rumours, match previews, fans’ reactions, and general football news. It features articles about football from around the world, so start reading now!

They tweet @FootballViewsUK.


Fancy listening to a podcast? Click the link above! Prefer reading about football? You’re good to go, too! This is a no one-trick pony, and you will find that its writers talk about politics, tactics, culture, financials, and history of football. Everything began with Ian King, who is now writing along with Mark Murphy and Ed Carter. The weekly podcast and well-written and clever articles will surely keep you glued to your computer screen!

The Twitter is absolutely worth a follow, too @twoht.


This blog with its tongue-in-cheek graphics and a humorous outlook on football is certainly a breath of fresh air. They focus on their main series “Great Football League Teams” and “Hopeless Football League Teams”, but you will also find “Unexpected Rivalries” and a new financial health of clubs feature called “The Financial Underbelly”. This blog is interesting, fun, and well-written, so be sure to give it a good go!

Keep up to date with what they’re writing on Twitter @TwoUnfortunates.


It dates back to 2006, when it was started by Benjamin Newman and Ben Green and its name is inspired by the popular late 80s and early 90s football video. While the site does offer commentary, their main goal is to catalogue and categorise all football videos online. A mighty big target, but they’re handling it really well, so do check them out!

See what they’re tweeting about @102greatgoals.


This football blog focuses on three of the major football leagues: Premier league, Championship and Bundesliga. You can browse by selecting your favourite search or just plunge in, really. There’s a lot to read, so start now!

No Twitter. Sorry.


Greg is the man behind this weekly football blog. It has a Wednesday Dispatch feature for guest bloggers, collects pictures of the fans’ sofas (send yours in!), and generally presents the writer’s opinions on the happenings in the football world. Read this if you like classic blogging – and football!

Here’s their Twitter: @SofaLife.


This is a soccer blog that posts down-to-earth opinions and reviews. You can find quite a few of different story and opinion pieces as well. Read it if you enjoy American football and good old-fashioned blogging!

Find out what they’re talking about on Twitter @ShinGuardian.


It’s been in action since 2008 when Brooks Peck and Carter Daly started it. In 2010-14 it became a Yahoo Sports blog, but now it’s independent once again. If you enjoy your football with a bit of humour, this may very well be the right fit for you – they say they don’t take anything too seriously!

Follow them on Twitter @BrooksDT.


You may already be familiar with it, as this is a very well-known and popular football blog. Give them a go for a whole array of articles on football news around the globe, the latest happenings in all major leagues, commentary, analysis, and more!

They tweet @caughtoffside.


Founded by Ahmed Bilal in 2006 this blog today aims to inform, entertain and help football develop further. It writes about the most important news, all major leagues, has opinion pieces, and more. Tune in today for your daily football digest!

The Twitter is @SoccerLens.


This football-fan-run site aims to provide a collection of football articles covering every aspect of the game that are written by the fans. Independent contributions mean variety, and this blog is sure to provide that – and down to earth, honest articles, too. So do give them a go!

See what they’re tweeting about @NATTERFOOTBALL.


If you enjoy traditional blogging, this is it. Run by one person, this blog aims to cover the news from a different angle, provide an interesting opinion, and generally talk about something that hasn’t been discussed to a great extent already. Give it a read!

The blog’s Twitter is @MirkoBolesan.


This blog was started in 2011 with its creators wanting something more in-depth and more nuanced than what the mainstream reporting was providing. Today, they boast contributions from more than 150 independent writers and post on football tactics, finance, Premier League, and more. Check them out for thorough and high quality articles!

They tweet @Think_Football.


Ever wanted a real footballer’s opinion on the game? This anonymous writer who has also published a few books may provide just that on their blog. It is now being contributed to by many authors, and they also have a forum and a free app in addition to the wide article selection. Tune in for your football news, opinion pieces, analysis, transfer rumours, gossip, and more!

The Twitter is @TSF.

So, that ought to keep you busy reading for a while! It is abundantly clear that you can find high-quality blogs that report just as well – if not better – as the big news websites. However, this list, huge as it may be, is not exactly exhaustive.

Have we missed your favourite blog? Do you know a hidden gem that everybody should go take a look at? Please do share it in the comments below!