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It is not possible to talk about a casino without imagining a noisy slot machine decorated with many colourful lights. Invented in the late 19th century, slots do not lose the popularity amongst the gaming enthusiasts. Whether it is an online or land-based casino, people love to play with slot machines and there is a great variety of them.

So, where is the secret? And, of course, the never-ending discussion: are there any strategies for winning or not? Let us start from the beginning and all secrets will be revealed.

An invention that meant to be famous

The first slot machine with 50 playing cards was invented in 1891 by the American company Sittman & Pitt. In a few years, every bigger bar had a slot machine as it was a fashion trend. No special abilities were needed and playing was easy, cheap and fun, so Americans just fell in love with a new way of gaming.

the first slot machine



















The working of this machine was based on the rules and combinations of poker. To reduce a winning percentage, 2 cards were eliminated from a deck. There was no such thing as a monetary prize at that time because the machines didn’t have a pay-out function, so free drinks from a bar were considered as the best prizes.

The classic design of slot machine we are used to see is a massive device with an arm that has to be pulled to spin the reels. As a result, slot machines gained the nickname and became known as the “one-armed bandit”. This type of mechanism was used for many years.

Later, slot machines were improved, and those poker cards were replaced by pictures of fruits and vegetables. Don’t be confused, there is nothing in common with the purposes of business or marketing here. In 1902, gambling and slot machines were banned by the government of the United States. As a smart workaround of a new legislation, the images of fruits, bubble gums, candies or vegetables were introduced, and the slot machines were renamed as fruit machines.

The evolution of slot machines was fast. The traditional mechanical slots were replaced by the electromechanical machines and those were transformed into the electric slots with the microprocessors. Eventually, the casino has entered the space of internet and online slots became even more popular. All that happened over a period of 100 years.   

Old-school slots













Conquering the digital space

The era of online casinos started in the late 1990s. As slot machines are one of the most important attributes of every land-based casino, naturally, they have entered the online market as well. During the years, online slots have been changed and developed, so today people enjoy gaming from the comfort of their own homes and are amazed by an ingenuity of graphical designers.

The main reasons why the online slots gained such big popularity are obvious. First of all, a feeling of comfort is the key point because people can play wherever they have a computer and internet connection. There is no need to travel, pay the entrance fees or wear any fancy clothes. Furthermore, the opportunities to play are limitless as one online casino can offer hundreds of slots for thousands of players at once.

The working of online slot machines is difficult and sophisticated if compared to the land-based ones. It is based on a random number generator, which is an algorithm related to the probability theory. The secret of the generator is that the result is always unpredictable, and a player is not able to make an impact.

Computer and online slot machine















So, the players, who claim that they know the pattern and what outcomes will be shown, are living a lie as this is simply not possible. However, people are always trying to be smarter than technologies and that is why online slots are surrounded by myths. The most common one is saying that a slot, which has not paid out recently is due for a cash-out. This myth is busted because the online slots are working randomly, and nobody can guess when the next pay-out can be expected.

Strategies for winning: true or false

The discussions and arguments about the strategies of winning in slots are as old as the whole history of slot machines. The most common idea about winning in online slots is that there must be a strategy because the online slots were invented by humans. Logically, if someone was able to create it, then someone could be able to find out the workaround. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, there is an infinite number of possibilities, so the primary element in winning slots is a fortune. On the other hand, the professionals claim that there are some tips to improve your playing.

  1. Pick your favourite slots – there are so many different slots and you cannot be good at all of them. Pick a few games that look most attractive to you and practice.
  2. Learn the rules – it is not just the blind spinning. Take time to familiarize yourself with the rules of your chosen slots and make sure you know what the symbols mean.
  3. Have a lucky charm – it is not an essential step, but it is just nice to feel the true spirit of gaming.
  4. Have a good time – this is a key point. You might play for entertaining and when you are enjoying what you do, then the fortune is smiling upon you.

Every spin has an almost equal chance of winning the jackpot and no tricks or charms are able to change that. But playing with online slots is easy and entertaining. So, just pull that arm!

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