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World Cup is always a big thing and people are getting crazy about it. All the dramas are followed by the most unusual ways of prediction. And one of them - use of animals as oracles is already becoming a new tradition of World Cup.

This year is not an exception. It is just the first week of World Cup but there are a few animals who might be able to foresee what will happen. So, let’s take it seriously and let us introduce you to the most famous animals of past few World Cups.

1. Achilles the Cat

He is considered to be an official oracle animal of 2018 FIFA World Cup. This cat lives in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum and makes predictions by choosing between two bowls of food with flags above them.

Achilles made a right prediction before the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. As a true patriot, the Russian cat chose that bowl with the flag of the Russian Federation and, as we already know, the national team of Russia won that match.  

The mascot of World Cup 2018 is a wolf named Zabivaka. However, but nobody would like to have a wolf for an oracle – too dangerous, isn’t it? As a result, the official oracle animal is a cat. Close enough? Well, not really, but way safer.

2. Mystic Marcus the Micro Pig

Another oracle animal of World Cup 2018 lives in a little village called Heage in England and is a micro pig.

Mystic Marcus is not a beginner. He started his “career” during World Cup 2014, later he made predictions during the finals of Wimbledon Tennis Championship. He can predict the political news as well. It is claimed that he made the right guess about the vote on Brexit and foresaw the victory of Donald Trump.

He makes predictions by choosing apples with national flags. In order to make this show more attractive, the pig is decorated with hat and cape of a wizard. Mystic Marcus is quite popular in the United Kingdom, so he caught a lot of attention of all major national TV channels and press. Perhaps, the next step could be an audience given by the Queen herlsef?

3. Flopsy the Kangaroo

The previous FIFA World Cups were followed by a few different magical animals as well. In 2014, Flopsy the Kangaroo was on top. This animal at Australia Zoo picked the prospective outcomes of matches in which Australia was playing.

Flopsy correctly picked Chile to defeat Australia but made a mistake when predicting that Australians will win against the Netherlands. The career of Flopsy was short and she is not working as an oracle in this World Cup. Now she is just an ordinary kangaroo who still has a Twitter account @predictaroo.

4. Alf, Lolly, and Ginny the Penguins

It seems like England is rich in gifted animals. In 2014, three penguins at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham were used as oracles.

A team of Gentoo penguins has been given the task to foresee the winners of matches at the World Cup by jumping onto rocks with national flags.

They made one right guess about a draw for England in their opening game against Italy. However, it was just beginner success and these penguins didn’t show any enthusiasm about being oracles later. Sadly, but such a promising career was over.

5. Paul the Octopus

Probably, the most popular animal was Paul the Octopus, living at Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, who made 11 out of 13 right predictions about matches of World Cup 2010.

This octopus caught the attention of BBC and even got his personal page on Wikipedia.

He had to choose between two boxes of food with national flags. Paul's accurate choices were broadcasted live by German news channel n-tv and gained him a celebrity status. However, Paul died in 2014, so now we have to trust cats and pigs.

Sport, as well as card games, is surrounded by many superstitions and it can be wisely used to promote the event, product or even a particular zoo. Marketing experts collectively claim that all these predictions should not be looked at as anything more than just fun. It might spice up the competition and give a bunch of good emotions, but it’s just that.

Do those animals really know or feel something about the future? Well, it is up to you to believe in octopus, cat or your hamster. However, we suggest you trust in skills and better make your own predictions together with TonyBet.