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The very nature of being lucky cannot be explained by any scientific studies. That is why when people win or lose they try to blame it on some external forces. Some believe that the crossed fingers can attract good luck, others believe that the poop of a bird landed on a head will bring the wealth.

However, some gambling superstitions are worldwide and even the biggest casinos take them into consideration. Even if many gambling games are based on pure luck, that doesn’t stop players from doing everything they can to influence the outcome. So, what can attract a good luck and what should be avoided?

1. Gambling is a very important part of the culture in Asia and, as a result, many gambling superstitions originally came from there. One of the well-known Asian superstitions says that a red colour attracts a luck for gamblers. Not only red clothes or accessories are popular amongst the gamblers, but a red colour is predominating over the interiors of many casinos. Usually, the interiors are decked out in the Asian lucky colour of red, as well as East Asia themed paintings, carpets and furnishings.

Red interior of casino














On the other hand, black is associated with death mostly and generally considered to bring bad luck in life and in gambling. By the way, the pockets of the ultimate casino game – roulette – are painted in black and red for a reason.  

2. It is believed that someone, who likes you, can bring a good luck in gambling. Another prominent superstition says that a good companion will help you to win at the casino. This is very familiar from the Bond movies when a secret agent brings along a beautiful woman to cheer him on or blow on his dice. It sounds like a cliché, but it can be explained psychologically as good emotions and support make a player more relaxed. Therefore, this superstition might be considered as a half of truth.

James Bond in Thunderball Casino














But be aware, according to Chinese gamblers, it is forbidden to touch an arm or a shoulder of a player during the game as it brings a bad luck. In this way, from a lucky companion, you can turn into a prophet of a misfortune.

3. Many gamblers also perform specific gestures or routines as a way of attracting good luck. Those rituals are usually carried out before dealing hands, spinning the roulette wheel or rolling the dice. The most popular ones are crossing fingers, blowing on a dice, knocking on a wood and playing with one particular hand.

Crossing fingers is a universal gesture used to express hope for a good luck, so it is used in many other situations in life as well. However, some gesture might be avoided, if a luck in gambling is needed. For example, crossing your legs while making a bet can have an opposite impact and frighten the fortune away.

4. The lucky charms have been widely used amongst the gamblers for a long time. A charm can be an unusual thing that has a sentimental value, or some universal cultural symbols that can bring a good luck. Those universal charms are varied as they come but the most popular ones are a horseshoe, a four-leaved clover, and a rabbit foot.

As many other cultural symbols, the good luck charms usually are related to the flora and fauna. However, gamblers say that dogs cannot be allowed to sit near a chair during a game because it is said to be an extremely bad sign.

5. Numbers are not less important and superstitious. The number 7 has long been associated with successful gambling. As a result, some popular slot machines are named after this number as the Lucky Sevens, Super Sevens and Blazing 7s three-wheel slot machine. The jackpot can be won when the centre-face plate shows the number 7 across all three wheels. The number 7 and gambling are linked in many card games as well.

slot machine












The number 13 is widely known as unlucky and even feared in many cultures. The superstitions based on the number 13 go far beyond gambling. Probably, there is no surprise that this is the least bet on a pocket in roulette.

There are many other gambling superstitions that vary from culture to culture, and, of course, they can be just personal. Some charms and rituals can have opposite meanings across nations and ethnicities. Still, some of them are so viral and spread all around the world as this one “Lucky in Gambling – Unlucky in Love”. But the truth is that the superstitions only have power when you believe in them, so a luck might be caught just by a choice.

Crossed fingers for success

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