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An online casino is a well-known thing but there are many controversial opinions about playing there. Some people think that online gaming is not social, while others are afraid that online paying systems are not safe. But who said that land-based casinos are more safe, social or just better?

When you start comparing online casinos and land-based casinos you find many pros and cons. Some things are important to care about, while others are just baseless fears. But if you are wondering which one to choose, then let us give you a few insights.

1. No Traveling

 No taxi, buses, planes or metro trains. You don’t need to spend any extra time or energy on going somewhere and you save lots of money as there are no traveling costs when you are playing online. It’s simply cheaper and easier to log on to your favorite online casino or mobile device and start playing.











2. No dress codes

Mostly of land-based casinos have a dress-code when sports suites, flip-flops, and other casual clothes are not allowed. Those fancy and expensive casinos like Baden-Baden Casino or Casino de Monte-Carlo have an extremely strict dress code when classical suites and long dresses are required. Obviously, it is not convenient and comes at a price.

When you are playing online there is no matter if you are wearing a new Armani suit or your bellowed old sweatpants. In addition, there is no need to do your hair, wear makeup or walk in those uncomfortable high heels. You are the boss here and you set the rules!











3. Free food and drinks

Would you like to eat soup while playing slots? Or would you prefer a scrambled egg on a table of roulette? Well, if you are playing in a land-based casino, then keep dreaming about such convenience.

Of course, casinos have many bars and fancy restaurants. However, these are expensive places usually, you won’t find just a simple sandwich there and you won’t be allowed to eat in the gaming area. At home, you can grab your favorite drink or snack and enjoy them while spinning the reel.

4. No unfriendly staff

Let’s be honest, not all land-based casino security guys look friendly and there is no fun to chat with them. The same thing is with grumpy dealers who do not know how to smile. So even if you are in a fun mood and really looking for a good time, this atmosphere can take you down. Do you really want it?

Online casinos don’t have this problem. You can play alone if you want, talk with other players on live chat or invite your friends and have a casino party online. The good time is guaranteed!

5. Bonuses and promotions

If you are a wealthy famous person, then this point is not applied to you. In such case, a land-based casino already knows you and you’ll receive the customary VIP treatment of an upper class. However, if you are just a casual player, then you’ll be lucky to receive a free drink there.

Although a few land-based casinos can offer some bonuses, they’re not as good as those you can find in online casinos. Almost every online casino offers a new player bonus or some free spins for a smooth beginning. In this way, you can have some extra spins to try many other games and you can play for a longer time.

6. No waiting

All land-based casinos have a physical restriction of space and a limited number of slots or tables. So, when you want to play your favorite table game, poker, or slots you often have to wait for a seat. If your purpose for visiting a land-based casino is standing in a line, then it is all good. But if you hate it, then choose an online spot.

You simply pick the game and start playing. No waiting, no lines, no people around and no rush. Also, you can choose from hundreds of games and tables.

Of course, there is something good and something bad in everything. However, take these advantages into consideration and you will see how much freedom they can give to you. Still, the best way to try is to do it yourself. Take a look at our casino, try the hottest casino promotion while eating your lunch at home and tell us, how good it is.