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While people are getting older, they stop using some parts of their brain. Not because they want to do so, but just because their lifestyle is changing. Like any other muscle, those unused brain areas are getting weaker and, as a result, a terrible disease – Alzheimer – might be developed there.

However, every problem has a solution, although it may not be the outcome that was originally expected. One key to maintaining mental health is applying your brain to skilled games. Poker, for example, has been proven by researchers to slow down the mental aging process.

Keep your brain active

A recent research of the Yale University has shown that card games can make a positive impact on mental health when it is enjoyed responsibly. In this case, Poker and Blackjack won a recognition from the researchers.

Poker is a game of decisions and it requires lots of mental challenges from a player. Poker players are facing situations when they are forced to think and act quickly in a certain manner. The problem-solving and critical thinking skills are developing as well as the ability to understand situations and analyze the behavior of the opponents. A player needs to determine the odds and possible endings. The fundamental abilities of the Poker game is a good concentration and strong memory.

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Blackjack is another card game based on mathematics. It forces a player to use his short-term memory. A player might be able to make logical conclusions constantly and understand how each card will affects the further game. As the main point of Blackjack is trying to get the dealer to bust, the game requires a good knowledge of the odds and memorization.

Both of these games can be described as an effective method of improving concentration techniques. In other words, while a body is taking a rest during a card game, a brain is fully active and engaged.

This kind of memory-intensive activity is beneficial for older people. As many retirees start a slower lifestyle after a retirement, the ability to make logical decisions is getting weaker. The card games are like brain exercises and, according to, this is an effective way of Alzheimer prevention.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a progressive disorder that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. The symptoms usually develop slowly but end up as a memory loss and struggling with daily tasks. People lose the ability to carry on a conversation and are not able to respond to an environment as well.

According to the doctor Jeffrey Lee Cummings, a researcher in Alzheimer, playing poker can reduce chances of developing brain-related diseases by over 50%. The study, organized by him, revealed that card games, as poker or Blackjack, stimulate mental activity and it is effective in battling Alzheimer’s disease. When a brain is forced to work actively, the existing blood vessels is stimulating, so they stay open and functional.

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Gambling is an activity that seems to work well in keeping the mind young for many people around the world. However, under all circumstances, the responsibility might be taken as a priority. So, exercise your mind and it will stay young longer. 

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