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Smart technologies are shaping all spheres of our lives: from professional daily life to leisure activities. Everything is becoming more entertaining, customer-friendly, easy to reach, and here comes a term “one click away”.

When it comes to online gaming and betting, the situation is pretty much the same. All those new and smart ways of IT are constantly changing our experience and expectations. What are the top technological trends of this industry and how the ways of entertainment can change in the near future? Let’s take a quick glance.

Optimized Mobile Platforms

We all propagate a fast lifestyle and do many things on our smartphones, so if a new business is not mobile optimized, it can hardly survive.

Mobile betting and gaming are the well-known phenomena and more than 4 million people already have been using mobile devices for gaming in 2017. So, does it really have to be further improved? It does. People not only easily get bored, but mobile gaming is in a rather premature state still, and there for providers try to find new ways to introduce more entertaining games, as well as improve the mobile user experience. The improved and more realistic graphics designs, new themed games, and optimization are the keys to unlock the hearts of future players.

The appearance is not enough to hold the players. The technical improvements, security, and seamless UX are the focus points that will lead us to the new gaming experiences.














E-sports field is well-known for the old-fashioned LAN parties’ fans, but it has transformed in recent years into a whole new phenomenon in the past few years. If talking precisely, it is estimated that E-sports market is already worth more than $900 million now and it is growing constantly.

E-sport has conquered the tops because it combines the enthusiasm of betting and fun of gaming. Bookmakers noticed the great interest of players, so now the range of E-sport options has expanded, players can choose from many tournaments and events, the special E-sports deals and prizes are offered to players as well to further improve the experience. As it is a very prospering and fast-growing niche of the market, we will surely see a lot of new developments here in the near future.

Virtual Reality

In the recent years, we can notice that the gaming industry is trying to adopt the virtual reality as it can lift an ordinary game to the new level of fun. Online casinos are working towards that and there are no argues that such improvement of audio-visual senses is really attractive.

However, the technology of virtual reality can breach some security requirements. As a result, it is in the development stage now and cannot be considered as a fully-used function of online casinos. Still, it is a question of time when this future trend will turn into a mainstream and a completely new segment of the gaming industry will be started.











The concept of virtual money that can be exchanged into huge amounts of real money changed the whole understanding about finances, money, and economics forever. The new era has started in 2009 when the Bitcoin has been released and soon the cryptocurrencies earned the same solid status as real money.

The cryptocurrencies and digital wallets have created a new niche for the online gaming industry because they ensure the accessibility for players from anywhere, the transactions are fast, and the taxes of banks are not applicable. However, the dark side consists of anonymity and a lack of regulation. So, there is lots of space for the development especially after the drop of the cryptocurrencies in 2018 that is going to make a very bright future for the digital money.










These trends still need lots of improvements and developing but the fact is that they are not the sci-fi concepts anymore. At the beginning of a new millennium, we barely used internet for the basic purposes and now we are operating with digital currencies on the smartphones for playing in the virtual sports leagues. The progress is incredibly fast, welcome to the future!