The Five Potential Victors of Euro 2016

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The wait is finally over – let‘s welcome Euro 2016! A ton of cutthroat fights is ahead of us, as the best 24 national teams of Europe are fighting for their chance at the trophy. For some, the road to France was harder than it was for the others. Will the predictions prove true after a few games will have been played? Let’s see!

France: a Home Triumph?

The odds are absolutely in their favour – the TonyBet bookies agree that this national team is the most likely to win the title this year. It is worth nothing that France was the only country to skip on the qualifiers, so we’ve only seem them play the friendlies. After the loss to Germany in the QF of World Cup, France played 20 matches, winning 14, drawing two, and losing four.

Although it looks like a pretty good preparation, Didier Deschamps’ men had met Albania twice during that period, and it made for one of the draws and one of the losses. Now they’re going to see the very same team in the group stage, which could be a potential hurdle. Add the fact that Frank Ribery has finished his career and the squad has to also make do without Karima Benzema, and it seems like France has their work cut out for them.

A Win for Germany?

A second favourite in the eyes of the TonyBet bookies, Germany looks fully capable of dominating Euro 2016. Still, the way to this tournament was pretty hard on them – although they did qualify with the first place in their group. However, Poland was hot on their heels – they finished just a point shy of Germany.

Joachim Leow’s men lost twice during the qualification – to Poland and to Ireland – and their performance during the friendlies wasn’t all that better. Germany lost five of the friendly matches, including the latest defeat in the hands of Slovakia. We are going to see them play without Philipp Lahm, who finished his career in the national team, and without the injured Marco Reus. Can the Germans really still make a U-turn and triumph?

Glory for Spain?

They are the twice-defending champions, however, only the third in the row of the TonyBet bookies’ favourites. Could Spain clock in a third consecutive title? After the fiasco that they’ve suffered losing out in the group stage of the World Cup they forced a lot of fans to be far more sceptical of their potential success.

Spain did look like they have managed to sort out some of their problems during the qualifications – they only lost once to Slovakia – and during the friendlies, too, with 11 straight victories since June 2012. They did lose to Georgia just a few days back though – and the timing couldn’t have been more unfortunate. The squad is without the injured Dani Carvajal and Santi Carzorla, and without the un-invited Diego Costa and Fernando Torres as well, which is not exactly ideal for the team.

Can England Finally Succeed?

The odds for an English win are a fair bit behind the first three countries – and yet the fourth place in the potential victors’ row isn’t all that bad for a country who is hoping to quench a 50-year-old title thirst. Even though the Three Lions last won a major championship back in 1966, they seem to have a strong case this time around.

England was the only team to win all 10 matches during the qualification, which is a sharp turnaround from losing out on the World Cup during the group stage. They looked good during the friendlies, too, winning 17 games out of 21 that they’ve had and only losing two. On top of that, England managed to collect all the players that they wanted to in their squad, which is definitely going to be a big help.

A Dark Horse Victor in Belgium?

With the odds just slightly worse than those of England, Belgium looks like a strong contender to make Euro 2016 a really interesting tournament. Their national team is full of young talents who seem to be finally mature enough to start winning – even though Belgium didn’t escape trouble while qualifying.

They came out on top of their group though, beating Wales and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now the team’s definitely got a very strong attacking unit, not without the input of their Premier League stars Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, and Romelu Lukaku. Belgium’s one problem is the injured Vincent Kompany, however, they seem to be ready to overcome this hurdle and kick straight to triumph.