Favourites to Win and Dark Horses: the US Open Edition

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The last Grand Slam of the season has just kicked-off in New York with the best players in the world meeting in exciting matches to fight for the title. Do you already know who are you going to root for in the US Open? We have picked our top 3 players with the best odds to win the tournament, plus added a lurking dark horse, too.

Men’s Favourites:

1. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has been seeded as #1, and he is certainly a force to be reckoned with - he already won the Australian Open and Wimbledon this year and went through to the finals in the French Open. After the last Grand Slam tournament, he met two of his biggest rivals – Roger Federer in Cincinnati and Andy Murray in Montreal Masters – and lost both matches. However, that does not mean he will be easy to beat in the upcoming tournament: his odds to win the tournament are valued at 6/5.

2. Roger Federer

The world‘s #2 has improved throughout this year’s Grand Slam calendar: he only went through to the 3rd round in Australian Open, but made it to the quarter-finals in French Open and then to the finals in Wimbledon. In the latter tournament, he lost the final match against Novak Djokovic, but then managed to win against him in Cincinnati finals. In the same tournament he won against another big contender Andy Murray in the semis. His form is definitely good, and so are his chances at winning with the odds at 73/20.

3. Andy Murray

The last time Murray won the US Open was in 2012, and he wasn‘t able to go further than the quarter-finals ever since. The world‘s no. 3  got through to the finals in the Australian Open in 2015, but both in French Open and in Wimbledon his game ended at semi-finals. After Wimbledon, in Montreal Masters he managed to win against Djokovic, however, in Cincinnati semis he lost to Federer. Although his form looks fine, he needs to do better to win the US Open, and his current odds to do so are at 47/10.

Grigor Dimitrov – the Dark Horse:

The competition in US Open is looking tough as ever, but even though the best-known tennis giants will be fighting for the title, there‘s always the possibility that somebody else will snatch it up: just like Marin Cilic did last year.

However, it‘s not going to be an easy feat. Many of the promising players would have to make a very big jump to win this tournament, however, Grigor Dimitrov can definitely make a fair run for it.

In the losing match against Andy Murray he was in a very good form, and if he can get his mental game to match his physical one, Dimitrov will be a storm in the court. He also managed to get to the 4th round of the Australian Open, and although the Bulgarian only made it to the 1st round in French Open, he later redeemed himself reaching a 3rd round in Wimbledon.

Women’s Favourites:

1. Serena Williams

After three Grand Slam titles in a row this year, the three-times defending US Open champion and world’s no. 1 is under heavy pressure. If Serena Williams manages to extend her reign in the court, she will have completed a calendar year Grand Slam and will add a 7th US Open win to her already-impressive résumé. It’s no wonder her odds at a win are 4/5 – she’s everyone’s favourite to triumph.

2. Victoria Azarenka

The former no. 1 could be a real threat to Williams – that is, if she‘s in a good enough form. Victoria Azarenka suffered a left thigh injury that forced her to retire from Cincinnati, however, her season in general looks to be very good. V. Azarenka made it to the quarter-finals of the US Open last year, and twice to the finals – her odds at a maiden win are at 9/1.

3. Maria Sharapova

The world‘s 3rd seed didn’t play any matches since Wimbledon, where she went through to the semi-finals. This should mean that Maria Sharapova is well rested and ready to win her first Grand Slam of the year. In the Australian Open, she made it to the finals, although French Open proved to be tougher for the tennis star, as Sharapova lost in 3rd round. Her odds at winning US Open are currently at 16/1.

Belinda Bencic – the Dark Horse:

Even though Belinda Bencic is merely 18 years old, this month in Toronto she managed to beat none other than Serena Williams. This proves that the young tennis player is more than capable to play some world-class tennis in the upcoming tournament.

The one set-back for the world’s no. 12 could be her right wrist injury that forced her to retire from Cincinnati. If that doesn’t impair her, Bencic should really make a big impact in the US Open, as she is undeniably talented and well-prepared.