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EPL Week 11: the First Defeat ahead for Liverpool?

2015-10-29 16:08

The Boxing Day is coming closer – how much will the League table change? The competition is getting more and more cutthroat, and even though some of the teams look like they have solidified their dominance or the lack thereof, nothing is set in stone yet and the matches will get more and more crucial.

One of these important matches is the first game of the week where Chelsea will try to put up a performance that‘s actually worthy of the defending champions‘ title. However, it‘s going to be tough: since Klopp came to coach Liverpool, they haven‘t lost a game, even though they did draw three out of the four matches.

The Blues have had a real roller-coaster of a season, although it feels like it‘s mostly just going downwards as of recently, and the club‘s currently much closer to relegation than it is to winning the League. The last time Liverpool manged to beat them was in 2012, and the odds are in the Blues’ favour still: 21/20 against the Reds’ 27/10.

To be fair, Chelsea is still a strong opponent and they could very well deliver the first Klopp’s loss. On the other hand, it’s been a few weeks since he’s been appointed now, and the fact that the team didn’t lose a single game despite such a short time to get used to the new coach and different strategy could point to Liverpool being strong enough to give Chelsea fans a very good reason to be blue.

Manchester United who‘s currently #4 has a very good chance at climbing up this week, or at least keeping the same position. They are facing Crystal Palace, and their odds at winning are 1/1 against their contenders 14/5, but the team history is even more favourable: the last time the Eagles managed to best Man United was in 2011 – and they’ve never won in the EPL matches.

When Tottenham Hotspurs met Manchester City in Week 7, it looked like it was obvious who would win, and yet they came out with a 4:1. The Spurs have been climbing the League table steadily and the next match should only help them continue – they’re meeting Aston Villa. The odds for the Lions’ win are only 71/10 against the Spurs’ 2/5: although Aston Villa dearly needs a win, it’s not likely to happen this week.

It wasn‘t a long time ago when Chelsea seemed very likely to become the Premier League champions twice in a row, but it would seem like a risky bet now. There are quite a few teams that have managed to get to the top positions completely unexpectedly – and as the season continues, we will soon learn whether it was a fluke or proper hard work. And as for now, tune in and support your favourites!