Davis Cup Finals: Will Murray Carry Great Britain to Victory?

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The Davis Cup Finals are here – and they’re as historic as it gets! It has been a staggering 37 years since Great Britain came through this far (and 79 years since they’ve won), but the Brits got nothing on Belgium, who was last in the finals 111 years ago – and lost to the then-British Isles!  A one-in-a-million meet indeed.

According to the TonyBet bookies, Belgium is not likely to get back at Britain: their odds at winning are just 27/10 as opposed to their opponent’s 7/25. However, the favoured party will rely heavily on Andy Murray winning the singles and on him also being a great help at the doubles, too – so for this team, the victory pretty much depends on the world’s no. 2, which to be fair is not that risky of a bet.

Andy Murray has played six singles and two doubles (along with his brother Jamie) in this season‘s Davis Cup – and he has won each and every one of them. It‘s safe to say that with a record like that it‘s more than reasonable to expect that he‘ll be just as triumphant in the upcoming finals. 

Belgium, on the other hand, can only hope that David Goffin will be able to challenge the Scotsman.  Goffin played in four singles matches, winning all of them – but Murray will definitely be harder to beat. These two players have met three times during their careers, and Murray has one twice – including their latest game in Paris Masters.

Now of course there is home court advantage to be thought of, which Belgium will have, however, the British team is made up from seasoned players that know how to deal with that kind of pressure. The Brits are favoured by Novak Djokovic, too, who thinks that having Andy Murray in a team is a huge advantage that will most likely turn out to be the deciding factor in a victory.

The Belgium’s team is led by David Goffin, along with Steve Darcis, Niels Desein, Ruben Bemelmans, and Kimmer Coppejeans, and their opposing team is the Murray brothers, Dominic Inglot, James Ward, and Daniel Evans and the matches will be played throughout the period of three days on an indoor clay court in Ghent, Belgium.