Couch Activities: 5 Funniest Sport Gifs

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Reading time: 3 mins

Honestly? One of the best ways to spend your time parked on a sofa is to laugh at the people who are actually out doing things. That will also help justify the monthly gym payments that continued after the three January visits... and if you‘re still struggling to make it work, I suggest looking at people who failed while attempting something athletic. Luckily for you, I‘ve compiled a list so that you don‘t even need to Google anything. Let's go!

1.   Come Fly with Me

Are you like me and risk stumbling to your death every time you do something physical like go down the stairs? Well, in that case you probably find gymnastics just a tad beyond the scope of what should be humanly possible. Of course, we’re mostly seeing the highlights reel, but thanks to the Internet, we can now see every mistake, too. The best way to forget you can’t get off the couch without running out of breath is to snicker at this girl who faceplants after defying gravity!

2. Dunk Your Doughnuts

Basketball’s great, right? Just ten people running around, chasing a ball, trying to fetch it to the basket. Throwing a ball sounds simple enough! Even though things like a three pointer may require some practice, you’ll soon be dunking your ball like a doughnut in that 24oz Starbucks double whipped cream coffee. Anyway, where was I? Oh right. Basketball. Faceplanting 1, success 0.

3. Take a Dip

Some people seem to think that spending your so-called vacation doing sports is a great idea. Surfing is one of these sports where everyone doing it looks tan, tall, and gorgeous, but let’s not be too presumptuous. Not everyone can have endless sun baths and not get cancer. Just look at this gif – the clearly experienced athlete in it is bravely fighting against society’s tanning standards. Bravo!

4. Ball Masters

Who doesn’t love seeing footballers simply master the art of doing wiggly stuff with their feet? I mean I clearly do. Just look at this young handsome fella performing an astonishing trick! Truly he is a master of his ball. Why, this is simply next level – I for one never knew that you could be so graceful. Or, you know, that by this definition of grace, I too am elegance personified.

5. The Boss Kill

One thing that’s great about taking up boxing is that you’re going to suffer enough head injuries to make you forget most of your other life problems. You could try to argue that this is a bit of a drawback, or that it simply isn’t true in most cases, but I digress. Look below for the visual representation of the precise calculations that this particular brain has made in its body. Humans are amazing, aren’t they?

Now, please don’t take this article as a perfect example of how mean people have become. It proves nothing! Oh, and what does Arsene Wenger struggling to do up his coat have to do with anything? Well, if I have to explain it to you, then you just don’t get it. By which I mean I just find it amusing. Have a good one!